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Spring Cleaning Time: The Daniel Fast

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:00am
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The countdown is on for spring cleaning. And I am not talking about cleaning my house. The type of spring cleaning I am doing for the month of March is that of cleaning my body-temple.

I am doing a partial fast known as The Daniel Fast. Those of you who know about the Daniel Fast know that the fast is a plant-based fast. You are now probably wondering why I am doing a fast like this when, I already eat a plant-based diet?

Remember my article, End your Love Affair with White Sugar , well I do not use white sugar, but I sure love sweets. During the Daniel Fast, I will give up a lot of foods that I enjoy eating including those sweet treats that I find myself enjoying a little too much. See there, I am human and I have weaknesses too.

I joined a friend on YouTube in the Daniel Fast.  This fast begins today, March 1, 2011 and continues throughout the month of March.  I have never done this type of fast before and I know the fast will help me cleanse.

I do not have money to spend on cleansing/detoxing kits. The foods I eat are all the cleansing tools I need. This fast is usually done for spiritual reasons, but we are doing it for health reasons.

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast in which calls for some restrictions. It is a biblical fast based on the experiences of the prophet Daniel. The Daniel Fast is a very popular form of fasting, probably because you do continue eating instead of eating nothing.

The Daniel Fast is similar to a vegan diet, in that it is completely plant-based. But this fast is more restrictive than a vegan diet. Just when you thought it could not get any more restrictive.

The Daniel Fast is based on Jewish fasting principles and the experiences of the prophet in Daniel chapter 1 and Daniel chapter 10 of the Bible. I will not discuss these chapters. But I will say that Daniel gave up meat and the rich foods and stuck with eating plant-based foods.

Daniel drank only water.  When Daniel’s fasting period ended, there was a visible (healthy) difference his appearance as compared to the appearances of the other men who ate the rich foods.

There is no set length of time to stay on the Daniel Fast. Most people who do the Daniel Fast do the fast for a twenty-one day period.

Twenty-one days is usually chosen because this is how long Daniel fasted in Daniel chapter 10. Choose the length of time that suits you and your needs. There is no magic number.

Foods to Include on the Daniel Fast

  • All Fruits
  • All Vegetables
  • All whole grains
  • All nuts and seeds
  • All legumes
  • All quality oils
  • Water
  • Soy foods*
  • Condiments and cooking ingredients

*If you do not eat soy, increase your consumption of legumes, beans, seeds and nuts. If you do eat soy, make sure it is from an organic source and not highly processed.

  • All meat and animal products
  • All dairy products
  • All sweeteners
  • All leavened bread
  • All refined and processed foods
  • All solid fats
  • All non-water beverages*

*I will continue juicing. Juicing helps meet vegetable serving requirements.
*I will also continue drinking smoothies. This helps meet fruit serving requirements.

Make sure you read the labels in all prepared foods.

My goal is to prepare most of my food, while eating very little processed foods.

I will update you weekly on how I am doing on the Daniel Fast. I do believe the Daniel Fast will help me in my overall health and well-being (mind, body, spirit and soul). There is nothing to it, but to do it!

What do you think about fasting? Have you done a fast before and if so, what type of fast did you do?

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