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Spring Cleaning: Part One

Posted Mar 21 2009 3:43pm

I'm a little more than three weeks into my life makeover, and so far I'm loving how much I've progressed. I would never have guessed that I would be where I am now, and I'm not looking back at the life I used to lead. I'm so proud of what I've done, and I intend to keep going down this amazing road.


So, I've been promising myself for a while that I would really clean out my room so that I could set up a calming environment for myself, versus the cluttered, uncontrollable tsunami of stuff that usually floods the floor. I'm proud to say that I finally got around to it today, and boy do I feel great! I tackled the front half of my room in about three hours. This let me sort through most of my clothes, re-organize my closet; find a new home for the Carrie Bradshaw-sized collection of shoes I own, take out mounds of trash and get rich from all the loose change I found. It doesn't seem like much when I write it down, but (a) I have a lot of clothes :), and (b) I feel so much better having accomplished something huge. I'm normally extremely anti-cleaning, so much so that my archnemesis was the idea of spring cleaning. That was before- now, this opportunity to really clean out my old habits has helped me grow in a way that was previously unthinkable to me.


Part Two, or The Half That Is Still An Uncontrollable Tsunami Of Stuff, is coming tomorrow. Soon after that- the redecorating phase/fun time! I'm already committed to putting a floating candle display on my shelf. Feel free to send me any ideas! 

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