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Spread Love

Posted Sep 10 2011 9:58am

Mmmmm :)

Overnight oats has been my breakfast of choice lately on the weekends. I just can’t get enough of it. Last night I actually added something new, a bit of Apple Walnut Delight from Love Grown Granola . I was pretty amazed at how much a teeny bit (1/8 cup) perfumed the oats and evenly spread the flavor, giving a sweet apple cinnamon taste. You can even see some specs of apple slices in the pic. The crunch from the walnut was also quite splendid.

The granola came from a package I was sent last week of samples from Love Grown Granola.

I couldn’t have been more excited, especially because I’ve been eating a lot more granola lately. Plus their products are all gluten free, which is something I’m becoming more interested in lately.

I’ve been having it every morning in my yogurt, and of course on the weekends in my overnight oats. So getting all this was SAH-WEET!

I just love their motto of spreading love. It reminds me of my yoga instructor who almost always says “spread love” at the end of savasana- it just ends the class on such a positive note.

At school the other day I tried the Cocoa Goodness mini pack. I’ve never had a chocolate flavored granola, so I was intrigued. The first few bites were good. But then I noticed kind of a weird taste. I realized it was the actual chocolate chips. They just did not taste right to me at all and kinda ruined the rest of the granola. I took them all out though and enjoyed the rest.

I also had the Simply Oats mini pack and liked it a lot. It was just classic granola with a touch of sweetness provided by honey and agave- delish! It’s important to me that the ingredients Love Grown uses are all natural, rather than difficult to pronounce, extensive ingredient lists.

Yesterday when I had my yogurt at school I brought along some Sweet Cranberry Peach. This is definitely my favorite flavor thus far.

And in case you were wondering school is closed for Rosh Hashanah and I have a faculty meeting on the 21st ;)

The dried cranberries were a different, chewy addition to the granola that paired well with vanilla yogurt. I’m certainly happy I have a big pouch of this flavor!

Thank you, Love Grown, for the chance to review your products!

What is your favorite flavor of granola?

How do you eat granola? In yogurt? Oats? Other foods?

*Disclaimer: Love Grown Granola sent me their products to try for free, but all opinions and reviews are my own.*

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