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Sports and stress are heating up. Stay cool, people.

Posted Nov 06 2010 2:12pm

When historians look back at civilization a thousand years from now, they’ll see that one cultural force dominated

Kill the ref!!

society. It wasn’t music or gardening or art. It was spectator sports. In the era of world-wide recession, fan enthusiasm  makes sports recession-proof. The Dallas Cowboys build a $2 billion stadium.  College coaches’ salaries make them the highest paid public employees in many states.  Public school budgets are in tough shape but sports programs continue to flourish.

Some researcher have conducted studies on fan mental health and stress levels. Soccer (also called football outside of the States) is a good sport to study because fans (a word derived from fanatic) worldwide seem to be equally passionate about soccer, the most followed sport in the world.

One study of German soccer fans produced a lot of interesting findings. Stress from fans’ over-the-top, life-or-death mindset with teams’ wins and losses can lead to cardiac stress, especially when coupled with many fans’ tendency to eat a lot of junk, not get enough sleep and enjoy the drinking life.

An almost humorous, but serious, overview of fans’ mental and emotional life shows a lot of  stuff that certainly can up the chronic stress levels.

So as bowl season and conference championship games approach in the next two months, make sure you keep your immune system balanced. Your family’s sports rituals will demand it.

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