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spinning & sushi

Posted Jan 15 2010 12:00am

That’s the puppy, Sophie!

I met Mona and Jeff for spin just like last Thursday and it was great. The instructor told us it was going to be an endurance workout which was PERFECT for me. It really gave me time to stretch out my legs and get them moving. Instead of doing sprints and jumps, we mainly did hill climbs and stayed out of the saddle most of the class. One thing I love about spin is that you can adjust it to your own comfort level. I knew I didn’t want to push TOO hard since I did do yoga and run almost 2 miles today, so on a few sets I didn’t turn my resistance up as high as suggested but that was okay. I still got a great work out (you don’t sweat that much anywhere else!) but my legs certainly don’t feel fatigued. Awesome!

Note: I usually don’t do quite this much exercise in one day, the yoga was unplanned until last night and the spin was planned mid-afternoon when I had already run!

Mona was going to cook some yummy recipe for dinner so after spin she went by the grocery store to pick up the ingredients when sushi caught her eye. She still bought all the ingredients for the recipe, but we ate sushi for dinner instead! I love sushi and having it twice in a week is just perfect. It is so great because its low fat and super filling. The rice expands in your belly and makes you so full! Jeff went by another grocery store (we all had to drive to spin separately as they came from work and I came from La Casa) and got some of the usual suspects. However, he had a craving for mozzarella, tomato, and basil and picked up those ingredients. I indulged in a bit, but I can allow myself that. An oz of cheese is not going to kill me.

Dinner1/4 cup edamame (not pictured)
3 eel roll pieces
3 nigiri roll pieces
3 spicy octopus rolls
1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
2 slices tomato
1 oz mozarella (the random, Italian part of our sushi dinner)

Now I’m sitting back and relaxing until Project Runway at 10pm! Why is it so late??

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