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Spin Sweat Rehydrate Repeat

Posted Sep 06 2009 12:00am

Today I went to go spinning. I had a quick breakfast of Pb toast, and a light protein shake. Was very delicious and decently light for spinning class. I hate exercising on a full stomach! All decked out in lululemon, needs to dress to impress while spinning :) .


Spinning class was great! I sweat like crazy doing it, I lose like a pound of water weight every time I spin. Its great exercise, and a nice break from running. I sweat like 4x the amount than running 10+ miles which is pretty amazing.


When I got home I snacked on a pro bar. My favorites superfood slam but they make other good ones to like koka moka. Back in July when we went to Florida we stocked up on probars, I really liked koka moka because it tasted like coffee, but superfood slams probably the healthiest.


For lunch I had a nice hot bowl of oatmeal, peanut butter, skim milk, and a lil bit of honey. Very tasty and healthy. Oatmeal for the win!


Later that day we went to Shady Side, and Oakland to shop around for awhile. First stop was REI, where I bought my first pair of spinning shoes! Second stop was dinner, and then to Whole Foods. We bought a bunch of really good organic stuff that I totally fell in love with. I also encountered a strange protein bar called “Bonk Breaker”, lol I was tempted to by one but I decided to stick with my larabars, probars I grown to love :) . id give it a gold medal for “strangest protein bar names” though.

bonk breaker

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