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Spiders and Books

Posted Jul 20 2011 12:41pm

Oh my god, there was just a spider on my bed. Eeeeek!!!! It wasn’t even that big…ok it was actually extremely small – like smaller than a pea. But still, I went running sprinting to the bathroom to get some tp so I could kill it. Then I kind of missed and it landed on the floor. I think I squealed like a 2-year-old and then finally scrunched the thing in that toilet paper. Omg spiders are creepy. Oh and fyi- my mom was laughing at me the whole time.

I know I need to grow up, but I HATE spiders with a fiery passion. They freak me the eff out. I’ve even had nightmares about them before. In one of those scary dreams I was trapped in my bedroom between two spiders that were on my walls and they were so big they covered the entire wall. The spiders kept growing larger and thus my space between them was getting smaller….thank god I woke up before one of them ate me, or touched me. Ew, I get the willies every time I see one or think about one.

Omg doesn't it look like it's smiling? Creeper

Ok, enough arachnoid talk.

I woke up SO SORE this morning from my butt kicking yesterday. I’m sore in different places than normal too, which I guess is good because that means I worked some neglected muscles. Needless to say, a hard workout didn’t sound too good to me today. So, I took my Nook to the gym and read it while I ellipticized and walked for a bit on the treadmill – that thing makes time fly by! But, I can only really use it while on a machine where I’m not bouncing around a lot.

I’m currently in the midst of reading Catching Fire (the 2nd book of The Hunger Games trilogy). OMG these books are addicting! I can’t put them down. I finished the first one on Monday, and I think I’ll finish this one today :) . I can’t wait to start and finish the 3rd one, Mockingjay. I NEED to find out how this series ends pronto! I’m getting so ancy…I’ve become super attached to some of the characters and I swear if they die at the end, I’m gonna be heartbroken!

Yep, I’m a total nerd when it comes to reading. And I’m proud of it :) .

Anyway, I plan on reading a bunch more today and attempting a new recipe tonight (I’ll share tomorrow)! Also, I think a trip Nordstrom is in the cards. I want to check out their anniversary sale- they probably won’t have much left in my size at this point, but I have some gift cards to spend :) .

Sorry this post has been really random…my brain is all over the place right now! Hopefully you don’t mind. For those Harry Potter fans out there (I’m a huge one…and I still need to see the new movie) I found this site the other day that really made me laugh- you should go check it out!



Hope everyone has an awesome day!!



Do you hate spiders or have a fear or an insect of any sort?

Do you get attached to characters in a book you’re reading?

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