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Spicing Up Your Workout

Posted Jan 07 2010 12:00am

So… since I told you that I’m going to be a lot more personal on my fitness blog, and since I introduced you to my family in yesterday’s post, why not just let me welcome you into my home and have you join me in my workout this morning? ha ha! Actually, there really is a purpose for this funny picture of me and my main squeeze working out in our cardio room this morning. First of all, I need help decorating the walls… any suggestions? Seriously! This room is so bare and boring… I need help.




Second of all, I wanted to point out a few things when it comes to doing your cardio routines. As the cold weather sets in and fewer and fewer people dare brave the cold weather outside… {I’m totally one of them!}… many times those dang treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers and stationary bikes seem to get a little more redundant and boring, causing people to lose interest or the motivation to keep going. People! Don’t let this happen to you! Here are a few ideas to help you avoid the terrible “ugh-I-so-don’t-want-to-get-on-that-treadmill-one-more-time” woes!


1. Find some NEW entertainment that you enjoy, that will keep your brain occupied and not focusing on what your body is doing! For example: My husbands favorite TV show is House… so for Christmas, I got him the entire DVD collection and it sure makes the time go by fast when you have something intriguing to watch. If you can, record your favorite TV shows during the day and watch them during your workout. Or treat yourself to some new songs on itunes that really make you want to move your body! {My new personal favorite workout song is Crazy by Meredith Brooks… such a funky, upbeat song! Totally love it!} Or how about renting some movies that you never got a chance to see? There are so many ways you can make the time fly when you’re working out that booty!


2. Have a buddy to exercise with! This little scenario of my husband and I doing cardio together, is a rare are wonderful thing! He is on his last few days of Christmas break before going back to nursing school, so as often as we could, we would throw on our gym shoes and workout together once the kids were off to school! It made for such an exciting time on the treadmill in my opinion! Way more fun than just me alone! So grab a friend or two that have the same goals in mind… and indulge in their company while you exercise together!


3. Mix things up, spice things up and get out of your normal routine! If all else fails, and you are still having a hard time hopping on those regular machines to get in your cardio routine, it’s time for a change baby! Here’s where it can really get fun, but it will require you to step out of your comfort zone for a while. There’s ALL sorts of things you can do to switch things up. You can order fun DVD’s to work out to at home… you can find new classes to take at local gyms… or you can choose to learn a new sport like swimming, racquetball, or indoor tennis. Next week, I’m going to start a new class with one my good friends at Studio Soiree that teaches us Pole Dancing Fitness! Now how much more spice can you add to your workout routine than that? MmmHmmm!


The most important thing of all is that you DON’T GIVE UP! Cardio exercise is the number one form of exercise to get rid of excess body fat! If you want to get rid of the extra layer around your middle? You can’t just do eight bajillion crunches and expect to have a flat stomach… you’ve got to burn more calories than you consume, and you’ve got to do that by your cardio exercise! So no matter how many ways you look at it, if you want a healthy heart, if you want to lose weight and if you want to keep your mood feeling uplifted throughout these dreary winter months, regular cardio exercise is the way to get it!


Now get out and have a healthy day friends!






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