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Spice and Ice (WIAW & WIWW)

Posted Jun 15 2011 7:15pm
Well I did it. Managed to survive another day. Still spamming around a few of you but I think we’re slowly resolving this, eh?

That being said, I also managed to take pictures of food Wednesday! woohoo! Cheers all around please!! Trust me, this whole computer thing has thrown me for a loop, so small accomplishments totally MAKE MY DAY! As they should, right Heather ? hehe.

Its WIAW and WIWW . It’s also 103F outside and when that happens, the Cotters crave two things……

SPICY FOOD and ICE COLD food/drinks. Sweat it out and slurp it up!
So here goes.

sun chlorella and bisque18_thumb[9] - Copy
GF Cheesy Protein Bread with cottage cheese and chipotle mustard
Turkey Avocado Sandwich on GF bread (udi’s) with fruit salad and nut butter dressing.
Yes, I use nut butter as dressing!
P1010008 P1010009 P1010013 P1010010
P1010106_thumb - Copy
Lara Love
Spicy lentil, rice, and beef stir fry (other veggies are hidden under there somewhere)
and spinach blueberry salad
P1010002 P1010004 P1010005 P1010006
And last but not least DESSERT…..

Mint chocolate chip ice cream drooling down my face. It was so hot out that our ice cream was melting faster than we could lick it. Was it gluten free? no! Did I care at the time? NO!!
 So worth the CREAMY ICE COLD goodness in my belly. Smile with tongue out

There's no point in being grown up if you cant be childish sometimes
 ~ Dr. Who @wordsrallwehave

ice cream

oh it ain’t over yet…..

WIWW (What I worked Wednesday)

Last week I brought back my outdoor conditioning class at the gym. All outside, limited equipment, lots of SWEAT! We jogged to a park, did a circuit routine, then jogged back. I’d say we had our fair share of fun…..once we finished it that is!

(like that title?)

Warm up run- 1 mile
  • 25 reps of each
  • Run quarter mile loop around neighborhood
Repeat circuit 4x
Walk or jog back to gym/home/etc.

I think I need another ice cream just for completing this post.
What food cooled you off today? I know half will say watermelon. That’s a given!


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