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speed workout and my go-to core workout

Posted Dec 17 2012 7:34pm

I have two sick little boys right now. They were both up all night coughing and trying hard to breath through their congested, yet runny noses. It’s been pretty miserable. I was planning on running early this morning before my man had to go to work, but after that kind of a night I decided to sleep in.

Because the boys are both sick, their nap schedule has been pretty messed up. I try to make them sleep at the same time, but today little B man had enough and wanted to get to bed at 10 this morning. He proceded to sleep for 3.5 hours (awesome!) and then my little G man took his nap for a couple hours. 1217121332

I took advantage of my little G man’s naptime and went for a run. I luckily have a treadmill and I unfortunately had to put my little B man in the pack’n’play while I did my 3 miles. On the plus side, it was my speed workout, so I finished the 3 miles in 22 1/2 minutes! But the down side was he hated almost every minute of being locked in that crib (sorry little dude). 1217121503

My speed workout (1.5 incline for the whole run):

  • .25 mile warm-up (walk then jog)
  • ran .5 miles at 7 mph
  • increased to 7.5 mph for another .5 miles
  • increased to 8 mph for .6 miles
  • increased to 8.5 mph for .65 miles
  • increased to 9 mph for .5 miles
  • increased to 9.5 mph for .15 miles
  • decreased to 8 mph for .1 miles
  • .25 mile cool down (jog then walk)

I was pretty impressed with myself. To translate, 9.5 mph is a 6:18 mile pace! Yeah, I only ran it for .15 miles and felt like I was going to throw up, but I did it!

I also did a short core workout. It’s my go-to, and I do it a lot. It’s just 4 basic exercises and hits all the major muscle groups in your core – upper and lower abs, obliques (sides), and lower back.

  • crunches (upper abs)
  • reverse crunches (lower abs)
  • side crunch – both sides (obliques)
  • supermans (lower back)

Today I did 2 rounds of 35 each. That’s all I could get in before all heck broke loose in the house (little G man woke up!). Sometimes I do 100 of each, or a tabata style, or throw in a few others to make it a great core workout!

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