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Special Announcement

Posted Aug 16 2013 11:08am
Today I have a special announcement

Peace out internship!
After 2 years and 10 months I have finally completed the necessary coursework and internship hours to be a REGISTERED DIETITIAN!

Next week we are back on campus for an RD exam review and to complete our paperwork and then hopefully in about 8 weeks I can take my RD exam and start my career!  I will graduate with a second degree a BS is nutrition and dietetics and be ready to take on the world as an RD!  I will still remain with RunDisney and Track Shack as a race announcer and I will continue to run our gym together with Kyle and hopefully I will have some "job related" news to share with you in the next few weeks.  I will also most likely offer nutritional counseling online, via skype, and at our gym here in Orlando.  But my first priority (after a happy dance) is to study for and pass the RD exam.  Thank you to everyone who encouraged me along this journey and to my biggest supporters Kyle and my Mamma.

Early this morning (like 4am)  I met with my friend (who is also an RD) Lori for a 14 mile run.  Spoiler alert: I only did 12. She's faster than me, but she agreed to go by my pace so I could get my weekend run in on Friday.  I'm announcing a 5k tomorrow, so my schedule needed to be changed.
Lori and her son Ryder (a triathlete!)
The run started off good around the 9:30 pace and then at mile 4 the hills came.  Yes, hills in Florida and I honestly think these were higher than the one I ran a few weeks ago .  The hills and the 95% humidity took a toll on me and by the time we stopped for water and jelly beans at mile 6.3 I was tired. 
Around mile 8, I felt really bad.  I was having trouble catching my breath and I had goosebumps.  I was dehydrated friends.  With Marathonfest we are taking water every 2 miles and I didn't bring any with me.  I know better, but I honestly didn't plan well and I paid for it.  I hadn't felt this bad since the Clearwater Half Marathon in 2012 .  At mile 10.3 I stopped for more water and Gatorade and then finished out the 12 miles.
Feels yucky.
Miles: 12 miles 1:56 Average Pace: 9:43
Overall I'm disappointed in myself. I didn't hit my goal of 14 and I didn't love my pace.  Then I say to myself, "Girl you got up at 320am and ran 12 miles with hills! Own it!"  So I do! Training is an evolution and as long as you're learning from your runs then you are on the right track.

Remember last week when we were talking about marathon training and weight gain ? Today I calculated out the calorie intake from the pre, during, and post run eats.  I burned about 1150 calories running and took in about 790 to fuel and recover. The Van's waffle, coffee, and PB were pre run.  The Gatorade and sport beans were during my run.  The cheribundi was right after and the oatmeal was my breakfast.  Food for thought.
I hope you all have a great weekend and have something to celebrate!  Kyle and I are going to an 80's party. Who wants to guess our outfits?

Who's your favorite 80's celebrity?
What's the last milestone you celebrated?

Love and "I did it!",
Carissa & Kyle
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