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South Bay Eye Surgeons: More Than Surgical Vision Correction

Posted Jul 08 2011 5:00am

Throughout the Southern California region, many individuals struggle with vision correction methods which may become costly or inconvenient. With Laser Eye Surgery South Bay residents can benefit from permanent vision correction that actually saves money over time. Laser Eye Surgery or “Lasik” has advanced over the last few years, enhancing the precision, safety, and end results of previous laser eye surgery treatments before. In more recent advancements, Lasik has utilized the safety of a laser to create a corneal flap and complete the reshaping of the cornea with precision, for optimal results. With a South Bay Eye Surgeon, patients can receive more information and be treated with Lasik for vision correction among other treatments and procedures.

There are many other conditions that eye surgeons treat aside from vision correction. Difficulty seeing may not be a problem that can only be treated through the eyes alone, but the eyelids as well. With age, eyelids may begin to sag or droop, making it the eyes heavy and overlapping vision. This can obstruct vision and make individuals look tired and aged. In Torrance Eyelid Surgery can correct obstructed vision and help patients aesthetically as well. An eyelid surgery aims to remove some of the excess skin in the folds of the eyelids that droops and sags, creating the obstruction. The procedure also helps aesthetically by bringing a more youthful look to the eyes, helping patients look refreshed.

Eye Surgeons may also aid in providing their patients with more youthful looks. With Botox Torrance patients can smooth the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. The treatment can be administered by an eye surgeon and takes about 15 minutes to complete, making it a convenient anti-aging treatment. Results are visible immediately with full results completed once the treated area heals and redness subsides. Repetition of the treatment is recommended every 4 to 6 months to maintain youthful results, or as needed. Eye surgeons can administer Botox as most Botox treatments are performed in areas around the eyes (forehead and temples) and they will have a knowledgeable idea of which areas need to be improved.
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