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Posted Apr 25 2014 4:00am

Are you an avid daydreamer?

I’ve been taking extra time lately to daydream, or souldream as I like to call it. …to drift off into my deepest fantasies and desires. I’ll press play on my Souldreaming Playlist (subscribe to it below!) and just let my mind go. Souldreaming is so powerful. It’s often labeled as frivolous or a waste of time, but it’s truly one of the most incredibly expansive practices. I have a notebook just for my souldreams, and it’s chock-full of various ideas and inspirations I’ve accumulated. Even the cover is a depiction of souldreaming. It looks like this:













That’s actually one of my souldreams: to live steps away from the California beach.

Right now is such a powerful time. If you’ve been riding the wave of breaking up with the old you and forming a new relationship with the true you, then you can intuitively feel and sense this massively powerful energy. Provided you’re flowing with the transition, It’s a time for you to confidently state what you desire and to envision the life that you know you deserve! This is a powerful time of manifestation. You can’t get lost in old thought patterns and limiting beliefs. You’ve got to get lost in your daydreams. They hold the keys to your deepest desires. Souldreaming is a roadmap to discovering your soul’s purpose.

Where do great ideas come from? They come from Spirit and they come in stillness. There is a gap between your thoughts and, when you daydream, you’re in the gap. You’re creating space for Spirit to speak to you through visions. That is where your juice is.

At your deepest core – at your Highest Truth – you are limitess. And because you are limitless, there is an unlimited amount of inspiration that can flow through you at all times. It’s just up to you to a.) make the time for it b.) trust the guidance that you receive and c.) actually follow the guidance that you receive.

I made a Souldreaming Playlist for you over on Spotify. As you know, music is everything to me. This playlist is full of 50+ of my favorite songs that ignite my souldreaming spark. When I’m ready for a souldreaming sesh, I press play on this playlist and ask Spirit: “What ideas do you want to flow through me today? I open myself to receive.” And then, I wait.

Doreen Virtue says, “When I let my mind soar, I reach up to Heaven and bring it down to Earth.” Doesn’t that give you chills? That’s what happens when you souldream.

So, what about you? Are you ready to see what your souldreams hold for you? Press play on your Souldreaming Playlist , grab a notebook, and just listen to your soul. Observe the brilliance begging to make its way through you. You will blow your own mind. I promise.

I am sending you loads of light and energetically supporting you.

Stay lovely,

P.S. – Subscribe to me on Spotify ! I have a bunch of playlists, including a meditation playlist, a gym playlist, and so much more!

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