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Soul Cycle Happy Hour

Posted Mar 10 2012 9:42am

This week, the New York Times featured an article about the new party workout trend , which is popping up all over the country, especially in metropolitan cities.

“Plenty of people forgo happy hour to fit in exercise, but now gyms are making it so that clients don’t have to choose. They’re offering evening workouts — some as late as midnight — featuring bubble machines, party favors and chances to mingle, platonically or otherwise.”

After reading the article, I like many others, was inspired to give it a try. Working out on a Friday or Saturday night is a foreign concept to the girl who prefers working out before noon, any day of the week. I used to walk by New York City gyms as I left work on a Friday night wondering who those crazy people were that were just entering the gym. It’s 6pm on a Friday night, wouldn’t you rather be at happy hour or heading home? 

Bright Colors Abound Inside

Well, last night, I joined my friend Samantha at Soul Cycle Union Square for the 6pm class, or should I say party.  Per the recommendations on Yelp, I arrived a few minutes early so I could check in, claim a locker downstairs, and get on my reserved bike in time to be ready for the party promptly at 6pm. Our instructor, Danny , is known for his skateboard entrances, party rocking moves, and amazing music choices. The class was packed by 6:02 and it really felt like a party. Men and women alike were chatting with friends on nearby bikes, the water bottles were filled and ready just like a bar glass, and the lights were dimmed when the music started.

This is a picture from last year's Grammy Ride but gives you an idea for the studio.

The next 45 minutes consisted of beats hotter than most DJ’s can spin, bike dancing that consisted of oblique and tricep dips, and jump backs perfectly in time with the music. Danny isn’t the type of instructor to single people out either. Instead, he motivates the whole class as he dances his way around the room. At 6:55 when class ended, everyone seemed more ready for the weekend. Laughter and chatter was louder, the primary topic among the groups was where the dinner reservations were made, and the locker room, albeit small, turned into a pre-party as people changed and donned their makeup for a night out on the town.

While this post work party may not be for everyone, I’m certainly excited to add it to my workout repetoir. On weeks when my long run is done on Friday morning, I’m pretty sure you’ll see my spinning the lactic acid out with a friend at Soul Cycle that night. When the long run is Saturday morning, I’ll hopefully hop on a bike that night before going out with Bo. What better way to get into the mood for a night out than a great playlist and sweaty workout?

Things to know if it’s your first time at Soul Cycle:

-Classes are $32 but there are discounts for first time members and packages available

-Bring your own clip in shoes if you own them, otherwise there is a $3 rental fee

-Arrive 5-10 minutes early if possible so you aren’t rushing around like a mad person

-The people are super friendly so feel free to ask anyone questions you may have.

-Yes, the Orbitz gum, ear plugs, and hair rubber bands are free! If you’re always forgetting a rubber band, like me, this is an awesome small perk.

-While the spin bikes are new and beautiful, they don’t have padded seats. I highly recommend padded shorts if you’re going to ride regularly.

-There are 4 studios in New York City (Tribecca, Union Square, UES, UWS)

-Sign-ups open each week on Monday at 12pm and the favorite instructors normally fill within minutes. Set your phone alarm or put in a calendar reminder so you can plan your week workouts in advance.

-Cancellations are easy and only require cancellation by 5pm the night prior.


Question: How do you feel about the “party workouts?” Can you see yourself going to a workout class at 6pm or later on a Friday or Saturday night? 

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