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Sorry If You Feel Neglected

Posted Feb 21 2012 7:30am

I sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging this week. I know you are crying on the inside and anxiously await my posts (please note the sarcasm). I will now take the time to tell you about the long weekend. Let’s start with Friday.

Friday began with a lazy workout. I really did not feel like working out that morning so I “biked” AKA read a tabloid magazine while mindlessly pedaling. I did some core work and some squats…that’s it. I totally wasn’t feeling it and you  know what, that’s OK. Some days I am able to force myself to get going and get a great workout in but other days I am just totally checked out. Friday night included some dinner/drinks with friends and my boyfriend. We went to a bar I have never been to called The Lower Depths. The place was totally different from an other place I had been to and there were creepy,yet interesting murals all over the walls.

Creepy? YES.

Saturday morning, two words: Oreo Pancakes. I am usually not a huge pancake person but for some reason I was craving something bad for me when I woke up. Absolutely worth it. Plus, it motivated me to get in a workout Saturday night and I had a breakthrough of sorts. I ran 2.5 miles without any knee pain. YES YES YES. I have really been focusing on strengthening my legs and rehabing my knee at the gym and it is definitely working. I will be ecstatic when I am able to bust out 8 miles again and hopefully sign up for a half marathon this summer.

My mouth is watering again

Sunday was deemed a laundry and organizing day for me. I filled two bags of clothes to donate since my closet and dresser is completely overflowing. It feels good to downsize and have things be neat. I also bought some new sneakers because I managed to ruin my current shoes while coaching. Wet deck + sneakers= smelly shoes beyond repair.

Love the colors!

Monday I went to an amazing Core Vinyasa yoga class. The studio I usually attend has had to move locations for the past two weeks due to a problem in their regular studio. The classes are being held at the Harvard Club and it is a beautiful place to practice. I secretly wish classes were held there sometimes even though I miss the regular studio very much,mostly due to its close proximity to my work.

photo credit:

I ended the long weekend by giving myself a sparkly pedicure. Giving yourself a sparkly pedicure is the best way to end your weekend and start a new week in my opinion. This week I am hoping to run 3 miles (sans pain), go to a few yoga classes, continue with strength training, and maybe even get myself into a spin class. Let’s hope this week I am highly motivated!

How was everyone else’s long weekend? How do you prepare for the week ahead? What workouts do you have planned this week?

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