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sorry i left ya. savin' lives ya know!

Posted Mar 18 2011 10:16pm
while in costa rica we had the traditional costa rican breakfast almost every morning ( proof ) . it was eggs (cooked any way) with black beans and rice, corn tortillas and fresh guacamole. sometimes there was meat or cheese or toast instead of tortillas. but always some varitation of that.
knew that i reeeaally wanted to make it when i got back home! i also know that i wanted to make my own beans. making them yourself versus canned usually means they taste better and are better for you! you have to plan ahead if you want to make these bad boys though. they are super easy, but they take a long time to soak and cook.
first you take 2c (1bag) of beans and make sure there are no rocks in them
then you let them soak for at least 8 hours (i did mine overnight). be sure to make the water go at least 3" over them as they will rise.
after they are done soaking be sure to rinse them well. then stick them in a crockpot on high with 6c of water.
also added to the crock pot is a halved bell pepper, halved onion and 2 garlic cloves also halved.
the seasoning in the pot is 2t salt
1t cumin
2t oregano
and a dash of cayenne pepper.
everything ready for cooking!
then let it cook on HIGH for 10 hours. when i came home it looked like this

about an hour before you serve the beans, take out the onion, pepper and garlic cloves, then add some chopped FRESH cilantro (about a handful) and let it simmer.
for the rice i just used brown rice and followed the directions on the bag.
to make the guacamole i just mashed up 2 avacados (that i had to sell my future first born for) and added some fresh salsa, a little bit of salt, some garlic powder and freshly chopped cilantro
when everything was done it looked like this
mr. french fries had eggs with his but i was full from lots of 'taste testing' my cooking and having a few of these
 i didn't even eat everything on my plate :/

so i didn't make my eveing run tonight because i got caught up running a couple errands after work then prepping dinner (reason numero 5 thousand why i don't like working out after work, something always comes up). let me tell you ms. sassy (my pup) was not happy about it! i am thinking about going to the gym in the morning tomorrow so i can participate in some activities tomorrow after work! we'll see if i make it up. i told myself that i didn't have to get up early this week. next week is a different story...

what are you st. patties day plans? i know that my morning is going to start out green.. and not with green eggs (or ham!).

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