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Soreness Setting & RC Grilled Club Quesadilla

Posted Jun 24 2010 12:00am

What up?!


Just weights.. I started my day with Shoulders & Back and it was a great workout!

Shoulders: Arnold Press, Incline Front Raises, Lat Raises, DB Stability Ball Rear Delts, Machine Rear Delts

Back: 1-arm DB Rows, Wide-Grip Pull-Ups, Seated Front Row, Wide Grip Lat Pull-downs

I literally can already feel the soreness setting in :)

I’d originally planned to hit up a Kickboxing class tonight, but realized that a rest evening was needed. I’ve started dieting and stepped up the intensity of my cardio.. so I’m pretty drained. Know a slow evening will do me good, and looking forward to working Legs with my trainer and Boxing class tomorrow!


When I lift first thing in the morning, I really can’t take a full breakfast, so I just had a quick Mocha Protein Shake (1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder + Coffee + Ice) before running out the door.

After meeting with a friend for a chat & vent session (so needed and helpful.. just getting it out there always helps!), I was oh so ready to eat when I got home. The following I’d concocted in my head.. but lord knows that doesn’t always work out so well.. this however was a complete success! As I mentioned, I started dieting down, and one of the things that is limited is bread products. But as has been well profiled.. I’m currently having a love affair with Wraps & Quesadillas.. therefore a substitution had to be found! I present..


1/2 c Egg Whites

2 tbsp Wheat Bran

1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast


3 fresh Tomato Slices

2 tbsp Artichokamole

1/2 oz Baby Spinach

2 tbsp Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

3 oz deli Turkey

Whisk together all ingredients for the “wrap.” Pour into a large frying pan. When it is no longer liquid in the center, flip, and cook for another minute. Remove from pan. Layer one side with ‘filling’ ingredients. Fold over and grill on a George Foreman or Panini Maker

And the stats you wonder: 303 calories / 7.9 g F / 25.6 g C / 37.3 g P

Yup, I can have my grilled quesadilla yumminess and eat it too :p ..

Love Snacks

Yesterday when I was making Chocolate Protein Cupcakes , I of course tasted the batter.. it was delicious, and made me think that the same recipe would probably work wonderfully in pancake form. I was right! So 1st afternoon snack was a Chocolate Protein Pancake drizzled with 2 tbsp Bluberry Kefir..

Not all meals can look tasty.. Afternoon snack was 4 oz Mushrooms with 4 oz Pink Salmon and a tbsp of Hummus..

Dinner was more adventures with Cabbage.. ok maybe not really an ‘adventure.’ This is the Asian-flare version.. aka.. I added Soy Sauce :p Actually this was really good. I just sautéed 4 oz Mushrooms, then added a 16 oz bag of Red Cabbage, 4 oz cooked Tilapia and drizzled it all with Soy Sauce..

A side snack was inspired by yesterday’s Sweet Potatoes x3.. my first attempt at Parsnip “Fries”! I peeled & chopped 3 Parsnips, gave them a light Olive Oils spritz, then tossed half of with ground Flax Seed and half with Garlic Powder & Oregano..

umm yeah.. this photo was taken after the snacking :)

Naturally there will be some sort of delightful “dessert” later.. hmm.. thinking it might come in frozen form :)


New OpenSky Shopkeeper , Shaun Phillips (outside Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers!), is having a fundraiser for his favorite charity, After-School All Stars. For every jar of Nuttzo purchased, $5 will go to the charity or donate more! Not like you needed another reason to buy Nuttzo anyway :)

I can’t believe it’s Friday already, this week flew by for me!

So tell me, what is the least attractive/photogenic meal that you’re loving these days?

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