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Sore muscles on both land and sea...

Posted May 07 2009 8:30pm
On Tuesday night my husband and I attended a Physiotherapy Party. Yep, that's a party at our physiotherapy clinic. My physiotherapist came to see me the very first day I came home from the hospital after my accident and I have seen her on a regular basis for the past 4+ years since then. She has really become a lot more than just one of my practitioners and i have been very lucky to have her on my team. Anyhow, she had a big birthday this week and her daughter and staff planned a party at the clinic.

Since the clinic is right beside the pool, my hubby and I decided to head over after the par-tay to get in a quick workout. His back is still bothering him quite a bit, so instead of laps, we did some water running. We decided to workout in one of the walking lanes so I was able to touch the bottom while doing my lunges, running, gliding, walking etc. back and forth across the pool. Water running is a great workout, but no matter what you do, you can never really look cool when you're doing it!

Anyhow, we enjoyed our swim but I woke up the next morning with SUPER sore calves! Ouch!

Last night I decided to finally try out a spinning class, since I've never actually done one before. Being pregnant, I knew I wouldn't be able to quite keep up, but even at lower RPM levels, it was still a really tough workout! This particular class was mostly based on keeping at a certain RPM for 4 min intervals and alternating those. We did some single-leg grills and standing drills, but I think I (and my butt) would have preferred even more standing stuff to give the old cheeks a break!

This morning now my calves are SUPER SUPER sore and my cheeks are feeling pretty tender, but hey, at least I got out and got active this week. It may not have been as much running as I wanted to do, but exercise is exercise. I'm saving my running legs for Saturday's race anyways...
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