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Sophie’s 1st Christmas morning

Posted Dec 28 2010 12:00am


Sometimes I wish I was one of those once a day bloggers who got it all out of the way in one go.  Discuss what happened during the day, posted the wonderful pictures to go along with it and hit publish.  I definitely am not that type of blogger but it would sure make posts like this a lot easier.  Posts where I sit and think for ages before I start about what I should write about.  It was obvious for this post.  Christmas morning of course.  But where do I begin?  How do I write about the most magical Christmas morning i’ve had in a really long time?  My daughter just makes everything that much more fun.


My parents sent Sophie this Christmas ball for our tree.  Love.

Steve and I were so excited all last week.  We kept receiving packages at the door, deliveries from amazon and other various companies.  Packages that I would wrap and put under the tree from my family abroad for Sophie and for us (but mainly Sophie).  Each time I wrapped something, Steve would say you know we’ll just have to unwrap that again on Saturday… and I would smile back and say, yes we will. 

The floor underneath our tree went from looking like this….


To this.. in just a few short weeks..


Friday night, Christmas Eve we opened our one present each.  Pyjamas,  of course.  You must get new pyjamas each year so that you can wear them to bed on the night and wake up Christmas morning in them.  

With a coffee in one hand and baby in another we went into the living room to tackle the goodies under the tree. 

IMG_6885 IMG_6886

Sophie opened her first presents..


We bought our Sophie a Sophie, and she loves it.



I could not stop buying things for her.  It’s one thing when i’m out shopping and I pick something up for her that I think she will like, but its another when I get home and I say to Steve I picked this up for Sophie for Christmas that just makes it all the more exciting.

It’s amazing when you open a gift from your family who is over 3000 miles away and you just know that they know what will touch your heart.  I missed my family a lot this Christmas.  They knew exactly what sort of gift will bring a smile to my face.


The framed picture of my nephew being the goofy three year old he is and the 4 x 6 picture of Steve and I on our first trip to Niagara Falls in September with Sophie were two things I received that just made my Christmas, but the obvious one up front, the figurine, just says it all don’t you think?

We read Sophie her cards and slowly worked our way through all the gifts. 


She may not have had a clue what was going on, but the memories will always last for us.




And then we ate.  Sophie turned six months old on Christmas day.  We started her on solids.  It was such a fun moment that we got on video (i’ll have to upload it at some point!).  Oh yes, Steve bought me a video camera.  Did I forget to mention that?

She loved it.



She has had organic baby rice cereal and butternut squash so far.  In a couple of days we will try carrots and work our way on from there.  This is a new chapter in our baby’s life.  Our half a year old baby girl.

Eventually after a few coffee drinking, nap taking, cereal eating, present unwrapping, song singing hours we made it out to the other side.  Kind of.


Sophie is one loved little girl!


…and yes, she is sitting up now!!  She has the odd topple over, but for the most part totally gets it.

We’ve made it through our Christmas morning, one of the best mornings we have had as a family.

Later that day we went to Steve’s Moms, and if you’ve made it this far..



I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved ones!!

This was our Christmas morning, how was yours?

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