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Sometimes we need to leave Jesus out.

Posted May 26 2013 10:23am

Have you heard of VBS? It's Vacation Bible School. Every summer, churches host a week of themed Bible stories, games, crafts, skits. I'm not a fan of VBS for a number of reasons, which are mostly different from the reasons I wasn't a fan when I was 12.

First, I was 12. In 6th grade and not interested in songs with motions and fill-in-the-blank stories. I was interested in finding my place among my friends, in life, all of that. I was always a little uncomfortable, and I wanted someone to help me hash out tough questions.

I still went. I was still at that age when I had to go where my parents took me. I probably would have gone anyway just because I felt like I "should." I was (am still?) just like that.

Some of my friends went, too.

Ugh. My friends.

Some of my friends then just were not good for me at all. I thought they were more "popular" than me because they had more boyfriends and were friends with older kids...but they were just mean and bossy a lot of the time.

I was still trying to discover my place, so I stuck with them.


That week at VBS, there was a girl, Vanessa. She was kind of quiet and stuck to herself, but I wanted to be her friend. I mean, I was kind of quiet and stuck to myself, too. I understood. My friends didn't like it. They didn't like her for stupid reasons, and it got to the point of choosing between Vanessa and those "friends."

I thought about it.

You know what the best decision would have been right? I would LOVE to tell you I made it. That I was so wise then, so sweet and thoughtful.

I chose to ignore Vanessa for the rest of the week, and THEN. The end of the week came and I knew I made the wrong decision. I was carrying immense guilt on my shoulders, on my back, everywhere.

So to make it better, I walked up to her. My heart was pounding, and I told her quickly, sheepishly, "Jesus loves you." That was it. The end. Our last words.


Sometimes Jesus' name should be left out of things.

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