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Sometimes We Need to Go Away to Get Away

Posted Feb 03 2009 11:44pm

As I write this, I’m flying over the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona, preparing to land in Tucson. In the past nine months I haven’t traveled farther than 100 miles from my home in California, so I know I need to get away. And yet, instead of anticipating my trip, I’ve spent much of the previous week fretting over how I was going to enjoy a relaxing mini-vacation when my work life is currently so demanding. When we scheduled the trip several weeks ago, life was pretty calm; but had I known how busy I would be leading up to the trip - I probably wouldn’t have taken it!

Sometimes it feels like more work getting ready to vacation than it’s worth - and that we need a vacation to recover from getting ready for our vacation! This is particularly true these days when we don’t leave home without our laptops, blackberries and cellphones - it’s hard to truly remove ourselves from our daily lives. 

But getting away- even for a short trip - gives us a refreshing perspective. Suddenly things don’t seem as pressing or important. It forces us to depart from our daily routine and shake things up a bit.  

POSTSCRIPT:  Despite having spent several hours in airports waiting for fog to lift and connections to be made, going away  was worth it. Now as I write this I’m flying back home and everything seems so much smaller. It’s like looking out of the window of this plane - the mountains appear to be hills, the hills mere mounds. Tonight I’ll return to my life - less than 72 hours after I left- and while I’m going back to the same workload, the same pressures, I’m returning calmer and more at ease with all that awaits me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t read a newspaper or listened to the news in 3 days and I’ve only checked e-mail once (OK - twice - but I didn’t respond to any of them!). Or maybe it’s the fact that though I brought  my wristwatch with me, I never wore it.

This short break has given me a new perspective on all that was stressing me before my departure. It has also reminded of how important it is to get away - even if only for a few days. I certainly hope this feeling lasts - at least through the work week!

Be Well,


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