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Sometimes It Is Difficult to Awaken and Stay Awake

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm

wake up

It is an unusual Monday morning for me. I woke up to my alarm, head feeling heavy and my body wanting to stay in bed and sleep for a couple more hours. As I sit here this morning, my head still feels heavy and a little foggy as I begin my day. This is unusual for me because I normally awaken before my alarm goes off and I feel refreshed and ready to go start the day, however for whatever reason that did not happen today. This morning I am very aware of my form, this physical vessel which my soul calls home for now seems to not be ready to make this day happen. I am consciously changing my breathing, taking deep conscious breaths to oxygenate my brain and help to get everything flowing at an optimum level. As I write this and breathe deeply I am beginning to feel lighter and more prepared for what the day may bring.

In many ways it would have been so much easier if I chose this morning to role over and go back to sleep for a few hours, to return to the illusions of my dreams, to wrap myself in my blanket, sink into my bed and forget about all that lay before me today. Yes, it would have been so much easier to close my eyes and return to my slumber.

It is very easy to understand why so many people choose not to awaken from the slumber that they are in. When we awaken, we are much more aware of everything and with this awareness, with this consciousness we are much more vulnerable to what comes our way. When we awaken and open ourselves up to living in love, we also open ourselves up to that which may be perceived as hurtful and painful.

Awakening from our slumber and choosing to live an awakened life can at first seem scary and uncomfortable as well as blissful and authentic. It is no surprise that many people who are jolted awake by some event in their life choose to fall back into the comfort of their slumber shortly after they have awakened.

When we awaken there is a process and learning that we go through and during the initial part of the process we will feel everything more intensely than before. We will feel joy and pleasure more intensely, we will experience levels of ecstasy that we never felt before, we will also feel the other end of the spectrum and we will experience sadness and hurt in a more intense way then we ever felt before. For many people the intensity of how they begin to experience the highs and lows of daily life will be unsettling, some will become unsure of the change in experiences they are having and will choose to retreat back to that which they know and they will return to their slumber, their living death.

People who return to their slumber do not understand that the experience of intensity that they are feeling is part of the process and as we journey through our process we will learn and gain a deeper understanding of what is happening. In this learning one will come to know that the intense feeling of bliss will remain and grow, while the intense feelings of sadness or pain will diminish because as we fully awaken we come to understand that all is good, meaning that we will recognize that everything is perfect as it is. One will come to see that there are no accidents, that everything has a purpose and that there is no distinction between what is a good or a bad experience. Once one comes to the understanding that there is no good or bad, that our journey is a great and blissful experience we embrace the awakened state, we even come to the point where we cannot imagine why anyone would want to remain in a living slumber.

Awaken, see all that you have not seen, taste all that you have not tasted, hear all that you have been deaf to and smell the wonders that you have missed enjoying. Awaken and begin to experience your journey, your daily life beyond the five physical senses. Awaken and tune into your other senses like intuition, etc.

Awaken and you will be amazed at what you have been missing.

Just like I had to work this morning to awaken my form we must also make a conscious effort to awaken our spirit and to remain in an awakened state and understand that when we become awakened it is not as if we have a magic switch that will make our journey instantly blissful, however if we are willing to go through the process and remain open to learning that we will come to experience a life that is love and love my friend is immensely blissful!

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