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Something In The Way She Moves

Posted Jan 11 2011 2:00am

Today is 1.11.11

Michael said to me the other day:

“Do you realize that this will only happen again one more time? On 2.22.22. Because there is no 3.33.33!”

This is true! I hope it’s a lucky day for everyone! I know I could use some luck  right about now!

I am working hard on a info packed post for you all. I promised you last week that I would put together a post on “healthy eating.” So that is what I am doing. It take a lot of time and energy for me to NOT ramble when I do these types of posts. As well as make sure I put in all the information I want, and cover all my ground, in so little words (so you all don’t get blogger ADD). Stay tuned. I should have it up tomorrow or Thursday. Hopefully.

For today…my post is going to be completely random (along with my baby name announcement!):

Random topic number 1:

The baby has been kicking like CRAZY for a few weeks now! She  always stops once Michael comes over to feel. I think she has stage freight ;-) But he FINALLY felt her last week, and then again hard core the other night. He said it felt like muscle spasms. When I first felt her move it felt almost like fluttering, or gas bubbles in my stomach. Then it started to feel like popcorn popping. Now I’d have to agree with Michael…it feels like muscle spasms, except they are coming through my stomach. It’s the most AMAZING thing in the world. Feeling LIFE inside of your belly. I even see my belly move when she kicks now! My child is in there! How incredible is that!!?


Speaking of belly movement…I was having terrible stomach pains yesterday. ALL afternoon. It wasn’t abdominal pain, or anything to do with the baby. Or so I think. From what I gathered it was more of a “something I ate” pain. It was not fun. All I had for breakfast was a 1/2 cup of this with some almond milk. I was in a rush:

Usually when I have this it’s MUCH less. I usually add a few tablespoons into my oats, or yogurt, or something like that. However, I have been obsessed with it lately and decided I wanted to have a whole bowl of it for breakfast. My cereal bowls are very small, and I really only had a half a cup…but I don’t know. My pregnant belly didn’t like all that soluble fiber. It could of been the fact that I had the black bean burrito for dinner, and then this for breakfast. Who knows. All I know  is pre-pregnancy, this would have never  bothered me.


Belly aches aside. Rumor has it that we’re getting some snow here in Philly tonight. Last year, we had SEVERAL blizzards. This year, it seems we are just getting these annoying 4-6 inchers that prevent me from getting to my clients in the morning; and makes the traffic in the afternoon a pain in the toosh. I am an all or nothing kind of gal. Give me a blizzard, or give me nothing at all. None of this in between where I need to go out and clean annoying snow, or make a decision to cancel clients or not. In a blizzard, it’s no question. In a 6 incher…it’s inconvenient. And people mob the grocery stores. Boo. Go big or go home.

On the plus side, Munchkin LOVES the snow:

We decided that you may be getting a Munchkin photo per day. He is such a ham.

random topic #4:

I read a very interesting article that made me feel MUCH better about my lack of warming up my car in the morning. Do you up warm up your car in the winter? I kind of just put it into gear and go. No matter how cold it is. Time is money, and I don’t have the patience to sit there for 10 minutes and wait for my car to get warm early in the morning.

This is something to read if you are nuts about warming up your car. Apparently the only benefit  is your comfort.




But. You should not have to suffer. Here’s your motivation of the day. Do these plank moves….for me. Since I can not. Add them into your next workout ;-)

5 Plank Moves


OK. The time has come. Another baby news reveal for you :-)

Michael and I decided on a name for our baby girl!!!

Are you ready for it??

Here you go……..

Whatcha think??

In the Jewish religion you name after a relative who has passed away.  She will be named after Michael’s grandfather, Edward, who meant a lot to him. And my Grandfather, Matthew, who passed away on Christmas Eve 11 years ago. I will also honor my grandmother who passed away right after Christmas, Mary. I am not Jewish, but I wanted to honor my grandparents as well. The plan was to try and incorporate Matthew into my baby’s name. Then, on Christmas, one of the last times I spoke to my grandmother. I told her that my baby girl would be named after her and Pop Pop.  I know he was waiting patiently for her, and that this news would have made them both happy.

I hope everyone has a great day!



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