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Posted Nov 10 2009 7:41pm
I am very jealous of everyone who has off today. No fair! I can't complain too much since I am probably doing the same thing as I would be doing if I was home-blogging. I am going to show you some food highlights from Monday and Tuesday and then get into a review of a fun snack I recently tried!

Monday Juice:

Carrot & Ginger....not a huge fan. I had to try it at least once but each sip was pretty hard to get down. I think I added way too much ginger. It was very spicy!

Tuesday Juice-fail.

Monday and Tuesday breakfast
McCann's apple cinnamon oats with GrandyOats Goji granola and FitNutzButter .

Monday Lunch:

Banana PB & J with Dr Kracker's on the side.

Monday treat since it was hot out!

1/2 Vanilla, 1/2 Peanut Butter Fudge=Heaven.

Tuesday Lunch:

Tuna with mustard, Laughing Cow, and lettuce on a whole wheat English muffin.

Sea Salt Somersaults on the side.

Somersault Snack Review!

About a week ago, I received 3 different flavors of Somersault Snacks : S.S. Sea Salt, Salty Pepper, and Chez Cocoa.

About Somersault Snacks (from the website)
At the Somersault Snack Co., making simple, all-natural snacks that satisfy is what we are all about. For our first creation, Somersaults, we took toasted grains, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and a sprinkle of spices and baked these nuggets into roly-poly goodness for your whole family to enjoy. Balanced with the perfect amount of protein, fiber and nutrients, Somersaults will keep you going on the trail, in the car—even at your desk.

I will talk about the S.S. Sea Salt flavor first since I had them with lunch yesterday!

One taste of this nugget will have you cheering ahoy! When we created our original flavor, S.S. Sea Salt, we knew we were on to something. S.S. Sea Salt brings to life the toasted perfection of a sunflower seed with the subtle hint of sesame rounded out with savory salts from the sea.

  • A good source of fiber!
  • 6 delicious grams of protein.
Lets look at the nutrition facts first!

I like that 1 serving is 15 cookies. I couldn't stop at just one so 15 is perfect! I also like that they are high in protein and fiber, and also contain some iron! The ingredient list is short and simple too. They contain ground pepper, sunflower seeds, whole wheat flour, evaporated cane juice, chicory root, and sea salt.

As far as taste goes, they were a bit too salty for me. They were nice to munch on with my sandwich but I had to chug 2 bottles of water after. I guess these would be good on a nice hungover day when I am craving salty foods! On a positive note, I really loved the cute little cookie shape!

Next I will discuss the Salty Pepper.

Arr, the spicy side of life. Cracked ground pepper blended with a savory mix of garlic and onion gives this toasted creation the perfect bite. Put the wind in your sails once and for all!

  • 7 fantastic grams of protein!
  • A good source of fiber.
These cookies were very filling since they are so high in protein. I liked this flavor a lot more than the Sea Salt. They were very flavorful and tasted like a mix of different seasonings.

Last but not least, I will talk about my favorite of the 3 flavors, the Chez Cocoa.

Not too salty, not too sweet, but just right. The cocoa flakes in our Chez Cocoa give a perfect delight for moms and kids alike. Blended rich cocoa, toasted grains and sunflower seeds baked into the perfect sweet treat, mmm très bon!

All 3 flavors have pretty similar stats. This flavor was delicious! It was like eating little baby chocolate chip cookies. They had a delicious cocoa taste that was not too sweet but still satisfied my sweet tooth. I ate a few after dinner every night for the past week when I got my chocolate cravings. They made a great addition to Greek yogurt. They are also amazing dipped in peanut butter.

Warning: Very addicting. High risk of going overboard!

Good thing they make 2 oz. servings as well as the 6 oz. bags above to help with portion control. I loved these snacks and will be purchasing the Chez Cocoa again very soon! They are sold at most health food stores as well as online here !


Do you feel like you need something to munch on when you eat a sandwich?

I always need some sort of chip or crunchy cookie when eating a sandwich. I am just never satisfied with just a sandwich! How bout you?

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