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Someone Wants to Say Hello..

Posted Jan 23 2011 11:48am

Hi! Whoa.. where’d I go? And just after saying how I was trying to be better about posting more frequently. Actually, I take that back, I said I wanted to post more about real life ups & downs, and not just avoid ya’all, for mainly guilt-reasons, when things aren’t going well.

Well I guess this is one of the cases that breaks the rules, I may have disappeared for a week but things have been fantastic.. just really busy, which to me is usually a great thing. Everything at my new job is going great, and they’re definitely keeping me busy. I’m still learning the ins & outs so there are some tasks/projects that take me longer than they should, which is one of the reasons for, at times, longer hours than I mean to. But it’s totally cool because I really enjoy it!


So I think I figured out my system. I have failed miserably at morning workouts. But I realized it’s not because I can’t get up early, but more so that I don’t want to get moving.. my body is just not ready for stairmill or lifting heavy weights at that time. So lately I’ve been getting up earlier in order to get to work a little early so I can either take an lunch-time workout, or leave work a little earlier to catch a spin, kickboxing or yoga class. So far so.. well just ok.. but I think it’ll be good as I continue to get more settled.

I totally go threw phases with my mood for different workouts. And lately I’ve totally been in a Yoga mood! Last week I continued on my tour of yoga studios around Austin and FINALLY found a couple places I really like. Ok, so they’re still not as good as AZ (still no killer playlists in ATX) but at least these classes are closer to the style I like and really challenge me.


Just lovely! :smile: Everything nutrition-wise has been going great. I’ve been sticking to  clean eating and my “meal plan” with CSF, which also includes one cheat meal a week. I have been a slacker with taking pictures, but there has been some good stuff. Including Texas BBQ (which made me remember that I really couldn’t ever be a vegetarian) and Chinese dumplings.. yum! On the healthy front, meals have included..

Finally a picture of what has been my breakfast everyday for.. ahh months..

A Green Protein Smoothie (Vega Sport + Spinach + unsweetened Almond Milk + Chocolate Amazing Grass) topped with 1/4 cup Oats, then drizzled with Maple Peanut Flour Syrup (2 tbsp Peanut Flour + 1 tbsp Walden Farms Maple Syrup + 1.5 tbsp unsweetened Almond Milk)..

Another fave.. Kabocha topped with plain Yogurt (+ 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract and a few drops of Stevia), Maple Peanut Flour Syrup and Cinnamon..

Dinner deliciousness.. Artichoke Hearts and Salsa Chicken, topped with Nutritional Yeast and Avocado..

Oh yeah, I’ve also started using a Tumblr account. I’m leaning towards using that much more often and only have an “official” blog post a couple times a week or so because I LOVE how you can post super quick pictures or quotes throughout the day. You can link to my Tumblr by clicking the light blue ‘T’ logo to the right.. or just go here.. NourishedFit Tumbles


Oh and just one other thing.. This little guy wants to say hello!

This is Boomer! Last Sunday I went to Austin Pug Rescue’s adoption day, and yesterday he came over for his home visit. He’s staying with me for a few days to see how things work out (mainly if he gets along with Killer, the cat), and if all goes well, I’ll have a new addition to the family! He is just the happiest chill dog. I hadn’t even heard him bark until this morning when he saw another dog out the window that he particularly liked.. and actually his bark is pretty funny.. pretty much the opposite of intimidating.

So that’s what’s been going on. How was your week and weekend?!

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