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Someone Please Pass Karl Lagerfeld A Chip

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
If you are anything above a catwalk model size you had best stay at home under the covers....internationally famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld doesn't want you to obstruct his vision.  Karl has stated that "No one wants to see curvy women," & that they don't have any place on fashion catwalks, slamming German magazine 'Brigitte's' decision to no longer use professional models - only real women of all shapes & sizes.

Karl - not sure what planet you have been living on, but it's clearly not the one that millions of women (& men) the world over are inhabiting with their cries to see more body diversity on catwalks & in fashion magazines.  Your comment stating "You've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly," is offensive to the extreme, not to just to mothers, or fat people, or chip eaters, but to women & people the world over, showing how little you know of what is going on in the real world.

My sense of what is really going on here is that your strangle hold of the dark, narcisstic world that glorifies thinness & treats models like cattle to barter from one catwalk show to the next, is loosening somewhat Mr Lagerfeld, & you are very, very afraid.  There is a revolution 'a comin' & it involves beautiful women with hips, boobs & butts.  They are taking over fashion spreads  & catwalk shows  to wide acclaim, just like the beautiful Alana pictured currently appearing in a four page showcase in Madison magazine.  The horse has bolted Mr Lagerfeld & I'm afraid you are eating it's dust.  Women of all shapes & sizes are up off the couch & strutting their stuff on catwalks & in magazines the world over.

You are but one tiny man, with a tiny opinion, that was invalid the moment it left your lips, due to it being entirely unfounded.  We DO want to see real, curvaceous, beautiful & bold women. No doubt. No question.

Embrace it or you'll be left behind with nothing to show but the packet of chips I'm mailing to you right now.

Don't eat them all at once.

You might find yourself so exhausted you need to take a nap on the couch.
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