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Some Sneaky {and Not So Sneaky} Things that Derail Our Healthy Efforts

Posted Apr 15 2013 3:25pm

Good morning!  How’s everyone doing today? :)

I don’t know about you but I was feeling a little slow moving this morning when I got out of bed.


Yeah, it was a little like that. ;)

I partially attribute my sluggish state to consuming a few too many treats over the week/weekend. I guess all of that sugar catches up with you eventually. :) I’m not going to sweat it though, I had some fun activities planned – lunch with my mom, the culinary festival, a night out with one of my good friends – and I enjoyed it all. That’s what taking part in life is all about.

At times, I’ve felt bad about overdoing it in the past but I’m realizing more and more that nobody’s perfect all the time. You overdo it a little one week so the next week you reel it in and it’s nbd. I’m actually feeling quite a bit better already after getting in a nice morning workout. How’s that for a Monday? :)

Since I’m in ‘reel it in’ mode, I plan to focus on dining in and limiting treats for the next couple of weeks to help keep my body (and budget) happy. Besides that, I’m going to be paying attention to some other areas that have been known to derail my healthy efforts in the past. I thought I’d share a few of my tips. :)

A few sneaky (and some not so sneaky) things that can derail your healthy efforts:

Lack of sleep. This is a big one for me. When I’m not getting enough sleep, my cravings for comfort food skyrockets. I also just feel hungrier in general. What’s usually happening is that my body is low on energy stores so it sends out craving signals make me feel like I need to fill up on more food when, in reality, all I really need is a good nap. I try to aim for a solid 7-8 hours most nights. Since the dogs usually wake me up before 6 am, the key for me is getting an early start.

Too much caffeine. I cherish my morning cup of coffee just like most of us, but there are definitely times I’ll reach for a second (or third) cup out of habit or perceived necessity when I know I’d be better off sticking to just one. Come Monday afternoon around 2 pm, you can bet I’ll be yearning for that second cup of joe. In truth, there are days when it’s a dire situation, but here are a couple things to try: When coffee cravings strike, opt for some green tea instead. If you must give in, try sticking to just half a cup, or better yet, decaf.

Too much sugar. Or alcohol. We’re all probably aware that going overboard on sweets or alcohol doesn’t lend to making the healthiest of choices. With these partners in crime, I find it’s generally all about moderation. When it comes to wine, I try and limit it to a glass or two at most. Often by the second glass the third is sounding better and better, but I try and think about how I’ll feel the next day then decide whether it’s really worth it. With sweets, I aim to limit myself to small portions or sharing (sometimes all it takes is a few bites to feel satisfied). If I know I’m in the mood to go full throttle, I’ll usually try and splurge on a ‘healthy’ version of whatever I’m craving. That being said, there are days where whole portions of Nutella jars are consumed and, when that happens, I just try and make the best of it and move on. Wasting time beating ourselves up over the past never does any good. And, as always, when partaking in sweets and alcohol, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Stress. This one’s a sneaky little bugger. When I’m stressed, I really have to be extra mindful to be sure I don’t stray too much from my healthy goals. Who doesn’t want to seek comfort in a good bar of chocolate at the end of a stressful day? And I’m a firm believer that there are some things only a brownie can fix. :) When I’m feeling stressed, I allow myself to indulge, but I try and be extra mindful of why I’m doing it. That way, I can usually call it quits before it turns into an all out feeding frenzy. If I’m really feeling the pull to overdo it, I try and think about the big picture, then decide whether it’s really worth soothing my crappy mood with a plate of brownies if it means feeling even more crummy the next day.

I’m off to hang out at Barnes and Noble for the afternoon. Have a happy Monday, friends!


Question: What sneaky (or not so sneaky) things tend to send your healthy plans astray?

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