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Some Recent Eats

Posted Jun 12 2012 9:39pm

It’s Wednesday already! I’ve been having so much fun soaking up the last moments I have with my kids – that I can’t believe how quickly this week is going by!  I am starting to get a little emotional and reminiscent about the school year. This group is super special – and together we went through some things this year that most teachers and students never have to go through. I think that we will always have a special bond and I am happy that I was there for them in every way possible. Believe it or not – they also played a huge role in helping me keep it together through some tough times this year. Aw. I’m getting a tad misty eyed!


Yesterday was the kids’ last full day – and while I have full days today and tomorrow – the students are only in school til 11:30.  I’ve been busy checking things off of my to-do list – and ensuring that I’ve done all I needed to do. So – like my WIAW from the last week of school last year. .. these are just some snap shots of what I have had the pleasure of eating lately :)


Thanks to JENN for hosting the party.. as always! :)
I started off my morning yesterday with a hot coffee. I am a little (okay a lot) sad that I am having HOT coffee in the middle of June. But boy – the weather has been NASTY here lately. We’ve had downpours every day – and it has just been YUCK out! Fortunately – today is supposed to be the last rainy day!

I’ve also been on a chocolate oat kick lately. I ate them for days straight. And then I ran out of frozen berries. Chocolate oats just aren’t as good if there isn’t ooey gooey frozen berries in the mix. SO – I guess I am going to have to remember to pick some up at the store. (I failed at this last weekend.)

Sweet potato madness! Topped with chobani & salsa.. with some broccoli on the side! Chobani (or any Greek yogurt) is a great substitute for sour cream! (But, I told you this in my Greek yogurt obsessed Wednesday.. last week :) )

Last nights dinner was a ground chicken burger – kind of turned into a Chicken Parm burger. I seasoned the meat with some Italian seasonings – and then plopped it on the George Foreman grill. (For some reason, I was too lazy to use the real grill). I toasted the sandwich thin, added some shredded mozzerella on top of the cooked patty – and then added marinara sauce. Delish.

My recent snack of choice: Plain Chobani with any fruit. This week it is blueberries because they were like 50% off. :)

And finally: totally unrelated to food or eating is my latest nail creation:

I really loved it. And it looked great for about 15 hours. Then I started peeling it off. Damnit. Now all of the polish is off (and my nails are damaged). I swear.. I can’t keep jack on my nails for more then a day. I try SO hard to break this habit – but the second I get a tad bit bored.. the pretty little polish job is DUNZO (which is why I barely get manicures..waste of $$ for me). Guess I will just be painting them again later today! :)


Chocolate for breakfast? I am all for it!

Do you peel nail polish off of your nails? Or have any suggestions on how I can STOP this awful habit?

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