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Some Lauren, Some Cindy & A Beauty Secret For You!

Posted Mar 19 2013 7:30pm
Hey Loveys,

Have I mentioned how much
I am in love with Lauren
I come to you tonight, from my couch, showered, in sweats, watching The Hills with a coffee in hand. Random right? Oh well. I'm also eating organic corn chips....

Tomorrow is hump day! Someone at work today thought that today was Thursday by accident - hilarious. I so wish tomorrow was Friday! How insane would that be. Monday, Tuesday, Friday. Weekend.. haha. It's nuts. The thoughts that go through my mind are funny sometimes.

So anyways - do you live in Toronto? If so - what the hell is up with this snow storm we're having in the middle of March? Seriously. Easter is in 2 weeks and I'm SUPER excited to see my family! And Jakey the dog, and Louie the cat... And the little munchkins that are my little cousins... Haha, can you tell I'm excited? My Aunt Janis is cooking this year, usually we end up ordering Chinese Food from the 1 Chinese restaurant back home but this year it's closed, so Aunt Janis is cooking! She always makes delicious gluten-free meals. She doesn't eat gluten like me! She usually makes some delicious gluten-free treats too, so I'm looking forward to eating way too much of that.

Since I'm getting back into my workout routine after 2 weeks off (#fail) I'm a bit sore. Yesterday I went for a 3 mile run on the treadmill (remember said snowstorm?) and then did some upper body weights. My upper body is surprisingly not sore, however my legs/quads have been a bit tight today. So what better way to make my body MORE sore than doing a Crossfit WOD at the gym today? So I downloaded a Crossfit WOD App on my iPad and recruited one of my trainer friends at work and we did WOD Cindy!

I used green because it was St. Patty's Day last weekend...
Me and Trainer Friend did 14 rounds in 20 minutes. He 100% could have done way more but he was being nice because I was going so slow. It's a benchmark workout in Crossfit, so hopefully when I go back and do this in a few weeks, I'll get a better number! It's a neat little test workout to see how much more fit you're getting, I would highly recommend giving it a try sometime! My arms are a bit weak and my legs are already sore, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Earlier this week I put a poll on my Facebook page asking what people like about my blog and what they'd want to see more of. Ok.. so I have 1580 Twitter followers, 880 Facebook "likes", and over 600+ people looking at my blog everyday and 2 people responded to my poll. Really people? Come on! Anyways, the two wonderful people that did respond told me they'd like to see more recipes and more nutritional information about food... So in addition to posting my little "Food For Thought" tidbits on Facebook, which I've been really lacking lately... I'm also going to do a larger "Food For Thought" on the blog every now and then!

Ok. For my first Food For Thought I thought I'd do something that is one of my most favourite foods, and coincidentally is something I had for a snack after work today so it was sitting beside me on the table and gave me this idea. Tomatoes!!!!! I've been a tomato freak every since I was a small child. Tomato juice is my most favourite juice ever, I can drink CANS of it, I just crave it whenever it's in the condo or when I'm back home and my mom has bought it. Obviously I'm here to educate, so I want to share the sick wicked ways that tomatoes can help your health! 

Tomatoes make your skin look GLOWING! :) Beta-carotine which is also found in carrots and sweet potatoes help protect against sun damage! Lycopene also makes the skin less sensitive to UV light damage, which is the cause of wrinkles and fine lines that we try so hard to eliminate! 

They help build strong bones! The vitamin K in tomatoes and calcium are bone strengtheners and lycopene has also been shown to improve bone mass which helps prevent osteoporosis (which is especially important in females!).

Lycopene (popular guy!) can reduce the risk of several cancers including prostate, cervical, mouth, pharynx, throat, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectal, prostate and ovarian cancer! Umm... what? Cool! Vitamins A & C also help fight off free radicals in the body (which can cause cell damage!).

Tomatoes are a great source of chromium which helps to regulate blood sugar.

The Vitamin A in tomatoes help to prevent night blindness! And some studies have shown that consuming tomatoes may help reduce the risk of macular degeneration which is an irreversible eye condition! Vitamin A also helps make hair strong and shiny!! 

Holy man. As you can see, you need to think of some way to get tomatoes in your diet, if not for your health than for your skin and hair! Some fun ways to get tomatoes into your diet would be something like adding salsa to scrambled eggs, you can put cute little cherry tomatoes into your salad for lunch or make stuffed tomatoes for dinner!  

Alrighty folks - I'm off to make din. But before I go, I must announce the winner of the Lush Cosmetics giveaway!! I'm super late at doing this..... but.......

Drum roll please?

Carly D from Rock The Dogs!! Woohooooo! :) Carly dear, you have 48 hours to email me your deets so I can ship this badboy all the way north to you :). 
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