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Some Good News and Some Bad News

Posted Jul 28 2011 8:41pm

This morning I met with the primary care doctor to get the results of my CT scan. I wasn’t expecting him to tell me that they still do not have a definitive diagnosis and he wanted me to get a biopsy. The office was able to get me an appointment with a urologist surgeon for this afternoon. I was feeling really anxious, especially about having a biopsy, and still not knowing what the mass in my kidney really is. So I went for a run.

Unfortunately it was a little late – about 9:30am, and it was getting hot. Also the sun was higher in the sky so it was over the trees making the trail very sunny and hot. I ran 4 miles, and the last mile was a struggle. Not as great a run as Tuesday’s, but they can’t all be great!

Breakfast was a quick yogurt/mango/granola parfait.

This afternoon I met with the urologist. He told me that based on the CT scan and his experience he can say almost without a doubt that this is a malignant tumor. Not only is a biopsy not necessary, but is not routinely used for this type of tumor. The treatment is to remove the whole kidney, because the tumor is in a place such that they can’t do a partial removal. I am actually kind of glad that they will take the whole thing, so I don’t have to worry about anything cancerous being left behind. This surgery can be done laparoscopically, and he said I am a good candidate. They were able to make an appointment for me with the surgeon who does laparoscopic surgery next Friday, and the surgery will be sometime in the next few weeks. Then there will be no further treatment, that’s it. The doctor said this was caught very early and there should be no complications, I’ll be good as new. And able to run in my half marathon in October!

I’m still getting used to idea that I have cancer. I don’t feel any different, I have no symptoms. I don’t feel like I have cancer, I don’t look like I have cancer. Thankfully I found an amazing primary care doctor (I went to her for the first time just last month) who suspected a problem despite my lab values being “borderline”, not even abnormal, and sent me for an ultrasound. I can’t stress enough the need to visit our doctors regularly in order to catch potential issues early. By the time you have symptoms the disease might have progressed to a point where treatment is extreme or unavailable. So please – go see your doctors regularly!

I took the rest of the day off after that, came home and made a turkey wrap and had a Skinny Girl margarita (I thought I deserved it) and then took a nap. Tonight I wanted comfort food so I made some waffles with fried eggs. Just what I needed.

Sorry for the horrible photo. I just got a new camera – I’ll write more about it tomorrow, but for now I think I’ll catch up on some Tivo.

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