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Some Facts You Must Know About Your Health

Posted Aug 24 2012 2:12am
People generally fret and fume about their health. But there are some facts which are not known but are important in order to help us to lead a healthier life. Here we have compiled a few such facts:

Some facts you must know about your health Teenagers and young adults who spent a lot of time listening to loud music are more likely to smoke marijuana, binge drink, and have unprotected sex.

If you are scared of needles, hope is at hand. Researchers have developed a jet injection system that can deliver a range of medicine doses through the skin to various depths without the use of painful needles. The needleless device delivers medications at nearly the speed of sound using a small, powerful magnet and electric current.

If you looking away while getting an injection or shot you can lessen the intensity of pain.

Surgeons are relying more and more on the robots to help perform surgeries. Snake robots are creeping metallic tools that can crawl through your body helping surgeons perform surgeries on heart as well as prostate cancer and other diseased organs. The snake robots carry many cameras, scissors and forceps and are powered by tethers that humans control. Snake robots will allow surgeons to make small and precise incisions, helping the patient heal faster.

In your office if you think bathrooms carry the most germs, you are mistaken. Break room sink tap handles and micro wave door handles are found to be the dirtiest places in your office.

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