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Soccer Mom

Posted May 17 2009 10:34pm
My daughter Rose has decided that soccer's not for her.

She gave it a try in the fall and spring but she didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we'd hoped. Maybe we'll try it again in a year or two.


Since she was part of a soccer league, we were invited to attend a game by the local major league soccer team, FC Dallas. Mom, the kids and I went to a game late last fall and had a blast! Since the season has started again, one of the account executives from the team's office has been pursuing me to go to another game.

Ok, maybe not pursuing me but he has been calling about special offers available to the children in the soccer league.

I say HELLS to the YEAH!

While I was in Europe, my friends, who are huge Man United fans, kicked my love of the sport to a whole new level.

And because my hormones are raging and I'm at some sort of sexual peak, I've decided to share with you all some soccer eye candy.

(Pardon my lack of maturity today. Consider it inspiration for the contest I'm having.)

We've already covered my admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo:

Then Beckham... holy underwear ads! Or abs?! Sheesh!

Oh but then there's his wife, Victoria. Wow. I'd gladly crawl in between the two of them. (Yeah, I said it. You were thinking it too.)

But speaking of beauty and soccer, check out this supposed photo of the Brazilian women's soccer team. Hello! (I'm feelin' dirty...)

And this hunk I've only just recently discovered. Yummy Seattle Sounders' player named Freddie Ljungberg (who was just in town this weekend).

Are all hot soccer men underwear models?

It may be a while til I'm cheering my daughter on the sidelines again. Maybe Grace will give it a shot next. She enjoyed kicking the ball around with me while at her sister's practices.

Until then, I'll be cheering on the sidelines where the pro's play and I'll give the term "soccer mom" a whole new meaning.

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