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Soccer a Great Way to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Posted Apr 29 2010 8:00am


Studies published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found that playing soccer on regular basis can increase postural balance, improve muscle strength, and improve bone mass and bone density.

Playing soccer also has a positive effect on cholesterol, body fat percentage, and high blood pressure:

“The results are clear: A regular game of soccer is an effective treatment of high blood pressure and has a broad, positive effect on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.”

Soccer and Health, University of Copenhagen

Awesome.  Playing soccer for an hour can be enjoyable and you don’t realize how much of a workout you got until you’re done.  Might be more fun than an hour on the treadmill. 

Bottom Line:  If you enjoy soccer, get out and play more!  If you’ve never played, give it a try.  You might find you like it! 

PS — The FIFA World Cup is coming in June.  Playing soccer is a great way to get in the mood for it. 

Learn more about Soccer and health:

Soccer and Health from the University of Copenhagen.

Soccer Reduces Risk of Falls and Bone Fractures  from Science Daily.

Football improves health, fitness and social abilities  from The Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience Research Group.

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