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So your working out and eating right, but where is the weight loss??

Posted Feb 23 2012 9:52pm

Good evening! Today I woke up feeling great. I started out my morning with a butt kicking leg strength training routine. My knee/ IT band injury has been flaring up again, and I know part of the reason is unbalanced muscle tone in my legs, and weak hips. My inspiration for this workout was this week’s Fit Blog Chat question “Do you know your weak links? Areas in your body that could cause injury because they’re undertrained?” -Yup, legs. It’s always been legs. Working those gams is hard!


I felt great afterwards. It was hard. And I despise lunges, but I know I’m better for doing it. I followed it up with a new to me breakfast, which I loved. I am usually a sweet breakfast person, but I’ve been feeling in a food rut so I opted for savory. Guess what – I looooved it.

IMG 1381

Sprouted wheatberry toast with 1/4 mashed avocado, s+p, topped with 2 egg whites, and 1/2 broiled grapefruit with 1/3 stevia packet

IMG 1382

IMG 1383

Laura turned me on to the broiled grapefruit thang . Lucky, they are in season and sooo good, because I’ve been a bit obsessed. I keep stopping at the fruit stands on the way home like every other day to buy another grapefruit. For some reason though they are always in the back really high, and I always look ridiculous trying to reach them. Incase you haven’t met me – I am only 4’11. In addition, I can’t just take the first one I grab. I’m picky with my produce and I have to find the best one. The fruit vendors hate me I think. Ahhh well.

It is amazing what a good workout and good breakfast can do for your day. I was in the best mood this am. I made bb breakfast and sent all my loved one’s message wishing them a good morning. I’m making it a point lately to talk to the people I love daily.

Then, the boss took us out for sushi for lunch. These are things I will miss about my job. You know I got some sashimi and a of course my favorite, seaweed salad. Love me some seaweedy crunch!!

The rest of the day stayed on course, and I kicked bb’s butt in Wheel of Fortune tonight. We watch it every night during dinner. I’ve been off lately, but I felt a comeback tonight. I solved 6 puzzles to his 1. But who’s counting? Not me…

So, the main reason I started this blog was to write about my weight loss and the new life I had discovered. And I feel honored when people come to me with questions. I had an important discussion the other day about not seeing results after weeks of change and hard work. And let me assure you this is completely normal!

Actually, the whole almost 2 months that I was working with a trainer in the beginning, I did not lose any weight. Towards the end even my trainer was wondering if I was lying on food logs. I assure I was not. Then all of a sudden, like in the next week or two, the weight just started dropping and pretty fast too.

My thoughts and advice on this situation:

  1. Everyone, and every body is different – and sometimes your body just takes a bit longer to respond to the changes you are making.
  2. Building Muscle – If you are starting a strength training routine you are building muscle and burning fat so there is going to a sort of spot where they met and your weight isn’t changing. But you will feel the changes in your body.
  3. Focus on how you feel, not the numbers – Ignore the scale. Don’t even use it. I know it is easier said than done. The only reason I was able to keep working through is because I felt so great. My energy was high and I felt stronger. One of the best things I’ve heard came from Beth at Beth’s Journey , “Weight loss should be the side effect, not the goal.” Your goal is health, and the weight loss, if necessary, will follow. Trust me!
  4. Make sure to add variety to your routine - Your body does get used to doing the same exercises at the same level of intensity. Make sure to add some different strength training exercises and up your weights when it gets easy. Cardio variety is key. Make sure to do it all – run, bike, elliptical, swim, stair master. Add intervals to get a greater fat burn, and intervals are really easy to change up too. They can be speed or resistance intervals. And the length of work vs active rest can always be changed.
  5. Keep up the good work! - Don’t give up. This is the most important advice I have. Eating healthier and getting exercise is never a bad thing. So everything you are doing is good, keep at it, and have faith.

Have you experienced, or are you experiencing, this sort of weight loss road block? What are your thoughts, advice, tips?

Share you favorite leg exercise or something good from your day.

Have a great night!

- Ashley

**Please remember, I am not a certified trainer or a doctor. The opinions expressed here have come from my own research and personal experience. Consult a professional before making any changes **

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