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So you have a Stress Fracture

Posted Feb 15 2011 8:36pm

Hola Bloggies:

How have you been friends? I hope you’re having a wonderful week thus far!

If your neck of the woods is anything like mine, it’s starting to feel a lot like Spring! Nothing is quite as invigorating!!! wlEmoticon sun So you have a Stress Fracture


Bad News Bears

I think you can tell by the title that I have something to share with you bloggies.

Remember my inspiration board? All the glorious plans I had to improve my running?

Runner Legs 1293158 thumb So you have a Stress Fracture


Well . . . all those grand plans have been put on hold for a little while.

Yours truly has a stress fracture.

Feel free to boo-urns here. wlEmoticon cryingface So you have a Stress Fracture


Trust Your Body

Today, I went to the Doctor and he confirmed my running injury. But the truth is, I knew before hand.

I learned a HUGE lesson through this bloggies – trust your body.

You know how things should feel when your body is working just right. And you know what it feels like when something is off.

Don’t ignore that gut feeling!!

If you have a nagging suspicion that something is wrong . . . it likely is.

In my case, the pain started about a week ago. Right away I knew something was off. In fact, very early on in the process i mention to the Husband that I thought I had a stress fracture.

The pain was concentrated on the top part of my foot. Right on a bone. At first I thought it might go away . . . but it stayed with me.

Even before I walked into the Doctor’s office. I knew.

All he did was confirm what my body had been telling me all along.


How to Prevent a Stress Fracture

In my journey towards wellness, I’ve had a TON of injuries. From muscle issues, to ligament tears, to a fractured knee cap . . . you name it, I’ve had it.

But this is my first stress fracture.

While the Doctor can’t really tell me how it happened he suspects it was as a result of going too hard, too quickly. And he’s probably right.


So how do you prevent a stress fracture? Fitsugar has some great tips ! But basically, when running make sure to follow the 10 percent rule. Make sure you only increase your mileage 10 percent each week.

I know the slow progress might seem frustrating but sticking with the 10 percent rule will pay off in the end. And even if you’re not running, the same thing applies. Show some restraint and increase gradually.

Learn from my mistakes bloggies!


What Now?

It’s become very clear that my hopes of training for a spring marathon have been dashed.

But that’s okay. At least, I now know what I’m facing and I can do everything possible to make sure I fully recover.

For the next four weeks I have been banned from running, plyometrics, jumping, or doing anything that would cause impact to my feet. And yes, I’ll have to give up my high heels too! wlEmoticon surprisedsmile So you have a Stress Fracture

To make sure I can still keep up my cardio, I will be trying new machines at the gym, incorporating power yoga, and working around my injury. There’s still plenty I can do – I’ll just have to be careful!

Lesson of the day? Do as I say – not as I do! wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 So you have a Stress Fracture


Question: Have you ever faced an injury that derailed your training plans? How did you cope?

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