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So what the heck is PCOS anyway?

Posted Mar 19 2013 12:55am
Posted in: Nutrition , Pregnancy

P.C.O.S.   It’s a simple acronym for complicated medical condition.  If you’re a regular here at me. myself. and food.  this is likely not the first time you’ve encountered these four letters.   PCOS is a health condition that is top of mind for me, especially since receiving my PCOS diagnosis a few years ago.

The more I educated myself on this endocrine disorder, the more fearful I was (i.e. of not being able to get pregnant and the other associated health risks), yet the more determined I became (to understand it and what I needed to do to get past it).

As you know, after a few years of experimenting with different dietary and lifestyle changes, I kicked PCOS to the curb .  The proof?  Well, my ovarian cysts disappeared AND my husband and I are expecting a baby in a few weeks!

In my recent “Professional Skills” course at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition , we spent tons of time presenting and educating our classmates on a variety of topics.  Can you guess which subject I chose?  Yup, good ol’ PCOS.   I knew that the condition was becoming more common, and given the odds (1 in 10 women have the disorder), there was a good chance other women in my class knew a friend, sister, cousin, colleague, etc. with the PCOS label…or had it themselves.   Plus, presenting on this topic gave me a chance to consolidate my research into a short and sweet presentation.   Ta da!

Enough of my rambling…here she is!

CrossFitter in the morning. Marketer by day. Nutritionist by night. Foodie all day long. Danielle gives you a glimpse into her paleo and primal lifestyle with recipes (gluten and dairy free), restaurant reviews (searching for the healthiest spots in Toronto), fitness and nutrition tips. Hope you're hungry!
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