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So Much Deliciousness

Posted May 10 2012 7:35pm

That pretty much sums up this post because I have two product reviews to share with you all today! I don’t know what it is (maybe I’m just lucky Smile) but the companies I work with know how to make some great products. I rarely get samples that I don’t enjoy! And the two products I have to share with you today are no exception.

But before I get to all that fun…a few of you asked about the blackened tofu I showed on this weeks WIAW post !


Well actually that lovely recipe came from a new book my mom bought the other day.

Vegan Cooking for Carnivores! Roberto Martini is Ellen Degeneres’ chef and let me tell you…he knows his stuff! I won’t share the exact recipe but I will tell you what those tofu slabs were seasoned up with:

-smoked paprika

-onion powder

-garlic powder

-chili powder

-black pepper



-ground mustard

-celery seed

-sea salt

-a sprinkle of brown sugar

For our own little take on “blackened seasoning”. Then we fried them up in a little olive oil and had them on top of a Roberto’s vegan Caesar salad! INCREDIBLE.

And now for those reviews…

A few months ago a I heard about a new (to me) bar company called Thunderbird Energetica . Upon checking out their site I knew their products were right up my alley! I just had to get my hands on some! The makers of these bars were nice enough to send me a box of bars to try out for myself:


A little background info behind the bars:


“Thunderbird Energetica specializes in creating epic tasting whole food energy bars. Containing uniquely pure and highly powerful ingredients, Thunderbird bars provide consumers with conveniently packaged, nutrient dense, plant-based goodness.

Each bar is meticulously handmade using the finest and freshest available whole foods that Mother Earth has to offer.

Our 100% soy free, dairy free, gluten free, no added sugar energy bars gives you the same clean burning fuel humans have enjoyed over the last 10,000 years. Our wrapper is 100% biodegradable and compostable leaving nothing behind. Energy that lasts, a wrapper that doesn’t!”

Biodegradable wrappers?! HOW COOL IS THAT!?

But what was even better was the bars themselves.


[cherry walnut crunch]

A little stickier and softer then a larabar, each thunderbird flavor was bursting with whole food ingredients that you could physically see and SMELL upon opening the packages!

I especially liked the addition of buckwheat into each of the bars…it added a great crunch that is sometimes lacking in raw bars when they only contain fruit and nuts.


Another thing that I was really impressed with was how unique and exotic the ingredients and flavors were. The company makes use of cool things like Hawaiian black lava salt, sweet potato, tons of different spices, lemon oil, pink Bolivian rose salt, and a number of organic fruits and nuts!

I thoroughly enjoyed every flavor and I loved how each was naturally sweetened with dates. Sometimes date sweetened bars can become a bit overwhelmed with date flavor…but not these bars! The other ingredients were the true stars of the show! I especially enjoyed the cherry walnut crunch and the sweet lemon rain dance. But FYI, EVERY flavor was amazing.


I am ordering more ASAP.

Thank you Thunderbird for your generosity and amazing bars!

From one healthy snack to another…

34 degrees is a company who I can truly say have mastered the art of….the cracker.

buff 003

Hallelujah! I am a cracker loving gal (as you’ve been made aware of numerous time Winking smile), so getting a chance to try out their 5 varieties was pretty much heaven.

But what makes these crackers so special you may ask…well, they are literally the thinnest, lightest, yet still incredibly crispy, crackers I have ever had!

buff 001

The company describes them as “wafer like” and I would have to agree. But what they lack in density…they sure do make up in flavor.

Made with simple ingredients like natural cheese, spices, herbs, and flours, the light texture really makes the different flavors stand out. I especially enjoyed eating these crackers with cheese because you were able to taste the cheese flavor as well as the subtle taste of the cracker. Sometimes crackers can totally overwhelm what ever you are topping them with, but with these crisps, the topping is perfectly complimented!

buff 005

My personal favorite variety was the rosemary! I use rosemary in so many of my meals so I wasn’t to surprised that I liked that one the best! The other flavors were very enjoyable as well. Another plus about them is because they are so thin and light, they aren’t very calorie dense and thus the serving size is pretty giant! Good for a volume loving girl like me!

buff 010

Thanks 34 Degree’s…your cracker crisps are truly one of kind!

(And I just learned that they came out with some sweet flavors like cinnamon, graham, and caramel! HOW GOOD DO THOSE SOUND?!)

Needless to say it’s been pretty yummy around my house these past few weeks Smile 


Have you ever heard of either of these companies?

What’s your favorite type of bar? Raw, protein, candy, granola?

What’s your favorite food to pair with crackers?


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