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Snowboarding: Best Locations in the World

Posted Dec 17 2012 10:08am

Top Snowboarding Locations-2 (1)

Top Snowboarding Locations

Article contributed by Izzy Smith

Snowboarding is a better way of enjoying the slopes in comparison to old-fashioned skiing, anyone who’s ever experienced the freedom inherent in using a single board instead of a pair of skis is well aware of this. Even though there has been a very verbal war between skiers and snowboarders in the past, today, they are often seen on the same slopes and this rivalry has finally almost gone to sleep. Regardless of that there are several wonderful locations for those who enjoy riding the single board and here we have done our best to point them out for you

Often rated as the number one resort in North America, it combines Olympic-level facilities with some amazing terrain which makes the place a must for snowboarders. Right before the season starts the population of Whistler increases five times in size, offering 38 lifts among other amenities and even during the off-season in summertime it serves as a mountain biking spot. It is best to avoid the time around New Year’s Eve a couple of weeks before and after it as this is the busiest time during the year and you’ll probably feel cramped there when all the tourists flock and aggregate.

One of the biggest snowboarding resorts in the world, Davos also has plenty of opportunities to spend some great time away from the slopes due to being a large town. It has about two hundred miles of great terrain that allow even night riding due to its wonderful terrain and five great mountains you won’t be able to explore in at least a week if you decide to enjoy their nice slopes. This resort is one of the first to open when winter arrives in the area and the snow here is great for snowboarding even all the way into April.

Top Snowboarding Locations-2 (2)

Situated in California, USA , this great resort town often offers incredible amounts of snow, making it possible to ride all the way into June at times. The terrain parks here are more than well-known among snowboarders across the world because of their variety. Out here you’ll find a little piece of something for everyone and their different levels of skill. Mammoth Mountain has more than 150 trails wandered by travelers and tourists during summer and even winter times. One thing you should keep in mind though is that the piste markings can disappear if the snowfall is too heavy, so keep your eyes open at all times.

A renowned name in the world of snowboarding, but also known for the high prices of the resort despite its wonderful pistes and great slopes. It has a modernized lift system and it is very nice in many ways if you can afford its steep prices. On top of that, at times people here tend to become very impatient on the slopes so keep your eyes open and do your best to keep a level head. Despite that this is a great place for snowboarding as you can even enjoy some back-country boarding away from the majority of the tourists in the area.
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This is by far the best place in Austria when it comes to terrain for snowboarding. If you really want to enjoy this place however you will need some skill in order to get a full sense of what the meaning of “best place” implies. Some of the slopes here are difficult for newbies. One thing you will definitely like will be the breathtaking views paired with the crisp clean air that fill your lungs. Also very expensive so keep that in mind before embarking on a trip to here. Well worth the money though because of the terrain and slopes.

Author Bio:

Izzy Smith is a working mom, writer and adventurer, loves to travel, smile and enjoy every minute of her life :)

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