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Snow Day.

Posted Jan 27 2011 5:51pm

What a weird week we are having here.  Tuesday it was warm enough to go outside and take pictures in a tiny cropped jacket (from Forever 21 for those who asked), and then suddenly last night we got hit with a million tons of SNOW!  It started out as loud thundersnow and raining balls of ice.

IMG_7119 (427x640)

Usually Huey is all about playing in the snow, but the icy rain was too much even for this crazy dog, and he came running back inside.

IMG_7123 (640x418)

It was definitely one of those days where I was so grateful to not have to be out driving or commuting anywhere.  I heard it took some people up to TWELVE hours to get home from work!

IMG_7126 (427x640)

IMG_7128 (640x427)

IMG_7130 (427x640)

Safe and warm inside, I practiced my new photography skills on anything and everything…

IMG_7102 (427x640)

And I worked on different lighting techniques and depth of field.

IMG_7105 (427x640)

I feel like I am already better, just by having a better understanding of how my camera works.

IMG_7113 (640x414)

The pups hung out on the big new bed and watched the snow fall…

IMG_7133 (429x640)

IMG_7136 (427x640)

And I continued to play photographer by having fun with the new 50mm f1.4 lens I got for Christmas.  Just the nose in focus – so cute!

IMG_7140 (640x427)

And some fun in black and white…

IMG_7145 (640x427)

As the evening got later, the snow really started to pile up.

IMG_7153 (640x427)

The weight of the snow caused our trees to bend waaaay down, almost to the point where they were hitting the ground!

IMG_7158 (640x427)

Huey was excited that the ice turned to snow so that he could go out and play, and eat giant mouthfuls of it off of our chairs.

IMG_7163 (640x428)

Indy was not a fan, and came running back inside.

IMG_7167 (427x640)

While I know it caused so much trouble for others, in our own backyard, it was soooo beautiful!

IMG_7169 (426x640)

IMG_7171 (640x427)

I am hoping that enough has melted that it’s not going to affect our VACATION tomorrow!!  The suitcases are out and being packed, my 400th load of laundry is almost done, I’m trying to tie up all loose ends with emails and blog comments, and we are eating up the rest of the fridge tonight for dinner.  We leave for New York City at 7am tomorrow morning, and I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t have any major travel hiccups because of the snow.

Meanwhile, the pups are already at the kennel and I am missing them like crazy.  The house is so weird and empty here without them!

IMG_7173 (426x640)

While I am en route to NYC tomorrow, I will have a fun Friday recipe for you!  See you from the Big Apple…

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