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Snow day, but not a day off

Posted Jan 27 2011 1:47pm
Despite only living about 10 miles from where I work, it usually takes me between 45 minutes to an hour to commute. It's not so bad and for the most part because usually I'm moving, I'm just moving slowly in traffic. Yesterday afternoon we had the rare experience of the weathermen being dead on accurate in their forecast: it started snowing at exactly 4:00, right when I was leaving work (early! To beat the snow!) THREE hours later I pulled into a snowy parking spot in front of our townhouse after a drive that included a call to 911 to report some desperately needed help to clear the abandoned cars covering both sides of the road in no order, line or pattern. Just darkness muddled by fast falling snow and blinking hazard lights. It was a mess.

I almost cried at my thankfulness for having replaced my bald tires just last weekend (though at the time I cursed the expense) and also the invention of All Wheel Drive.

When I approached my neighborhood - up on a hill that kills my quads when I run it (only when the sun is shining!) - a car was still trying after a half hour to get in. Half way up the entrance it'd lose traction, skid, and slide back down. I don't know why the driver didn't follow the lead of the dozen other cards parked on the side of the road. I went in the "out" drive.

Today I'm working from home and haven't left my computer since 7:30 this morning. Patrick kept saying how nice it was to have a "day off" and I looked at him cross-eyed. Are you kidding? I'm busier here than I could ever be in the office, what with the lack of meetings to break up my work. But now I'm taking a little break, partly because my butt hurts from sitting on the dining room chair for six hours straight.

I felt good getting in a run on the treadmill yesterday morning and I was surprised by how fast 4 miles seemed to go by. Someone asked me last week if I'm a runner and I answered with "No, but I run a few times a week." She seemed confused by my answer but it made sense to me. I still don't consider myself a runner, or even an athlete although I suppose to some I might be either or both. I consider myself fit, a fitness fanatic even, but for some reason don't feel worth of a label.

I'm going to work straight through for a couple more hours and then get in my workout. Although the routine of getting up at 5 keeps me going every day, I did enjoy sleeping in this morning. I haven't decided if I'm going to make my way to the gym or hit up the workout room downstairs. There's something to be said for either option.

There's also something to be said for working in my jammies all day. It may not be a day off, but it's nice to work in comfort at home!
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