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Snack: Light yogurt or Apple & Almonds

Posted Jun 01 2012 12:00am

Last week my friend and I were discussing our daily food input and our snacks

My friend told me that she has a yogurt as one of her snacks. She stressed that it was a ‘low fat’ yogurt and that it didn’t have many calories. I think she was a bit shocked when I told her I don’t touch light fruit based yogurts, especially ones that are low in fat.

How would you like to fuel your body? I don’t eat for the sake of eating. My meals and snacks fuel my body. I like to give my body balanced fuel, consisting of protein, carbs and healthy fats, so my body can actually use what I eat and give me something back.



My Friend’s snack:

Please also note all the preservatives and sweeteners listed on the bottom of the label. ALSO: this is not a brand thing. All brands are the same, check for yourself, take a good look at the label.

My snack: 

My snack is not a low calorie solution. It is an all natural 100% clean snack that provides me with a balanced amount of nutrients that help keep me energised. I would have this kind of snack in the first part of my day.



If my friend would like to  continue having yogurt as a snack I would suggest the following:

  • Use plain yogurt and get creative!
  • Use half the pot of yogurt, 75g.
  • To sweeten add a teaspoon of natural honey or a little cinnamon.
  • Add a little fruit, some nuts, top it off with some chia seeds for extra super nutritional value!

Or go crazy and check out my Cardamon, Almond and Raisin yogurt snack.

Check out the difference between flavoured yogurts and plain yogurt!


And here is the additional nutritional value breakdown for apples and almonds. How do you like them apples?

Nutritional values come from:

22 almonds
13.4g fat
5.2g carbs
5.6g protein
65.5mg calcium
192.2mg potassium
153 calories

1/2 an apple w/skin
0.2g fat
13 g carbs
0.3g protein
6.1mg calcium
108.1mg potassium

53 calories


As Tosca Reno says in her book  The Eat Clean diet ,

“If you can’t pronounce the words on the label then it is not a clean food”

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