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Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Extravaganza!

Posted Jul 24 2012 5:25pm
Today has been all sorts of wonderful. It started bright and early with the same biceps/triceps superset workout from last week. I’ll be continuing this routine for six weeks before changing it up. So far, I’m loving it! After my workout, I spent the morning at the clinic calling patients and taking care of administrative-related stuff. Before I knew it, lunch time had rolled around!

Lunch at Garden Grille

As fate would have it, Jenny had to make the lengthy trip from Connecticut to Logan Airport today, where she dropped off her friend. She suggested meeting up for lunch when I got out of work and I was obviously down for that! When I told Matty of our plans, he felt a bit left out and wanted in. I think he just wanted an excuse to eat at Garden Grille . ;-)

We ordered unpictured sweet potato wedges as our appetizer, and both Jenny and I ordered the same entree: the edamame-white bean burger, which came with kim-chi slaw and a side of homemade vegan chipotle mayo. 

It was amazing and so comforting. I ordered my burger sans bun – I love to savor the unique, delicious flavors of Garden Grille’s dishes and the bread overshadows them for me! I was perfectly satisfied.

For his entree, Matty ordered the local pizza special: mozzarella, plum tomatoes, purple peppers (yep!), and onion. He approved!

After our meal, we walked next door to Wildflour . Jenny and I got our respective iced coffees with vegan creamer and stevia.

We’re so silly.

The three of us had a blast and bid adieu a short while later, as Jenny had to make the trek back to Connecticut and Matty had to go to work.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisp Extravaganza!

Last week, the most cooincidental thing happened while Matty and I were relaxing in his room, watching Titanic (minor but necessary detail). He was munching on Snack Factory  Pretzel Crisps and I was munching on hummus and crudite when I received a tweet from the kind folks at Snack Factory, asking me if I liked to munch on their goodies.

I know, right?! I immediately tweeted them back with a photo of Matty’s bag of original Pretzel Crisps he was munching on. They were psyched to see my response and vowed to send me a package of goodies. Just a few days later, I was greeted by a gigantic eco-friendly bag of delicious snacks.

I was positively blown away by Snack Factory’s generosity. Check out the loot!

I received seven bags of Pretzel Crisps, two koozies, and two t-shirts! The minute I opened the package, I called my dad into the room. He’s the one that introduced me to the wonders of everything-flavored Pretzel Crisps, and he snacks on them all the time! My dad also gets really excited by free t-shirts. So, not only did he rub off his adoration for Pretzels Crisps onto me but also his adoration for free t-shirts.

Exhibit A:

I love when my dad laughs!

These tees are super comfy! “Rethink.” is shown on the front of the tee (“Rethink your pretzel” is the company’s slogan) and “Pretzel Crisps” is written of the bottom of the right-hand sleeve.

When I showed the loot to Matty, he commented on the witty phrase on the koozies, which is a popular one coined by the classic sitcom, Seinfeld. Click  here for details. ;-)

I really do enjoy Pretzel Crisps. They’re one of my favorite snacks to bring to parties because they’re always a crowd-pleaser. I especially love to pair them with roasted garlic hummus when my occasional salty tooth strikes. I can also attest to their pairing well with my curry guacamole ! Thanks again to Snack Factory for being so generous; my loved ones and I will be enjoying them!

Stay lovely,

Question of the Day: How do YOU enjoy your Pretzel Crisps?

Feel free to spread the love and like Pretzel Crisps on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Pinterest !

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