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Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon Recap - 9/30/12

Posted Oct 05 2012 12:00am

Last Sunday’s half marathon marks my 3rd half marathon, 2nd one in the rain, and 1st as an Oiselle Team Member! WAHOOOO!!!

This was also my first run where a) I wasn’t running WITH anyone, and b) I wasn’t going to know any spectators.

But maybe we’ll save that explanation for another post…

ANYWAYS…..Let’s start from the beginning…
I left my house at 4:45 am.  Had a small coffee, and breakfast in the car, prayed that it didn’t/wouldn’t rain, and arrived in Hampton, NH at 7:30.  This, for me (being the obsessive compulsive runner that I am) was late.  I still needed to pick up my bib number, and go to the bathroom, and have time for a panic attack.  So I picked up my number, was unable to get a womens small running shirt (because I was late, they only had mens mediums - you’re welcome Nathan! ;)  ) ran back to my car to throw the shirt in there, and ran back to the bathrooms. Here’s when I started to notice it was raining.  Sorry… I can’t tell you precisely when it started raining,  I had a lot of things on my mind.  This wasn’t really important because it was nice rain, sprinkling, rain that wouldn’t effect your run.   Of course, the bathroom line was the worlds longest line ever. BUT I really had to go, since 5:00 this morning. While waiting patiently for the bathroom lline (now it’s turning into almost an emergency) another runner came up to her friend to tell her that the porta-potty lines were shorter.  I gave up, sprinted over to those lines, and waited.  Time passed, it was now 7:55, I still haven’t gone to the bathroom since I arrived, and I was starting to convince myself that If I went in my pants, nobody would notice because it was raining anyways… (don’t worry, I ended up going to the bathroom, but not in my pants…)

Right before 8:00 I gave up on the bathroom long line situation, and got in line.  I didn’t stretch much, and still had to go to the bathroom.  GREAT.  Of course when we started running, I tried to forget about everything that went wrong that morning.  We crossed the starting line, started running and turned a corner, ran about a mile and then back over the start to run along the coast.  I didn’t mind.  It was somewhat calming and peaceful looking out to the ocean.  Although it was about 50degrees and raining (started to rain harder now), I was content.  My legs were moving, and I was breathing.  

Around mile 4 I found a porta-potty and patiently waited in line.  First time ever stopping during a half marathon, or any race for that matter, but I NEEDED to go to the bathroom!  Of course my pace per mile for mile 4 ended up being an 11 minute something, but that’s ok.  Also around mile 4, it started raining harder.  The route took us in some very residential neighborhoods.  Families were standing by their doors waving and watching.  Some homes even had signs on their lawns saying “good luck runners”  

Water and gatorade were offered throughout the course, and at some mile I was handed a gel, which I took (half of).  The course was fun, and perfect for the rainy day we were having.  One thign that did boggle my mind was that they offered a water stop right in the middle of one of the hills (I think the only hill?) which made that part a little stuffy… and of course I didn’t stop for water there.  

My favorite part, besides completing the 13.1 miles was at one point (I can’t remember what mile) we took a sharp right, and BAM were hit in the face with a spectacular view of the ocean!  Then, when you were running, it looked like you were going to run right off into the ocean, because then the road started going downhill!  I tried to take a picture, but I don’t think I got it in time (and running AND taking pictures isn’t easy as it sounds either..)  One of the reasons of WHY I run, and why I love running so much, is because of the views!!

The last two miles were completely straight.  The last two miles were tough too.  My sneakers felt like they weighed a TON because they were soaked from the rain.  I crossed the finish line in 1:57:42  (not my worst, and not my best =  I’ll still take it!! ) and received a medal.  I then grabbed some much needed water and a power bar.  Since I was completely by myself (waaah!) , I headed over to check out the ocean and face time Nathan, who didn’t pick up.  I debated on grabbing a beer and hanging out for the band, but seeing how I was a)freezing and b) didn’t have any friends there, I ran to the car to change, face time Nathan again (yay he picked up!) and started my two hour drive home.  

Here’s a list of my splits:

1mile - 9:00         9:00

2mile - 17:49       8:49    -0:11

3mile - 26:30       8:40    - 0:09

4mile - 38:02       11:33   +2:52

5mile - 46:52       8:50  -2:43

6mile - 55:21       8:29  -0:21

7mile - 1:03:48    8:27  -0:02

8mile - 1:12:08    8:20   -0:07

9mile - 1:20:36    8:28   +0:08

10mile - 1:28:56   8:20  -0:08  *fastest mile 

11mile - 1:37:26   8:31  +0:11

12mile - 1:46:02   8:36  +0:05

13mile- 1:54:37    8:35    -0:01

I’m happy that I completed the race, and despite my circumstances, I’m happy with the result as well. I rocked the Oiselle singlet as well! This half marathon was my first 13 miles in a while, and I forgot how much I liked it! I’m looking forward to my next half marathon!

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