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Smoking Hot? or Smoking Not?

Posted May 26 2011 12:00am

I am not going to bore you with the harmful effects of smoking.  We all know them by heart.

So, let me try using some positive reinforcement to try to get you to consider quitting…not just for your health, but for those around you.  Really, why wait until New Year Day to start this resolution?  If you are not a smoker, but you love (or really, really like) someone who is, print this post out and leave it where they can see it.

After 20 minutes without a cigarette:                                                                               –               heart rate and blood pressure normalize (unless you light up within 1 hour)     (smoking constricts blood vessels and the raises heart rate)

After 12 hours without a cigarette:                                                                                                        Carbon Monoxide level drops to normal

After 1 day without a cigarette:                                                                                                               damage to skin stops                                                                                                         (smoking breaks down elastin in skin causing wrinkles and sagging)

After 2 days without a cigarette:                                                                                                            taste buds start to regenerate                                                                                                                  nose hairs and nerves that effect smell begin to repair                                              (smoking destroys taste buds and burns the nerve endings of the nose)

After 2 weeks without a cigarette:                                                                                                           circulation improves

After 3 months without a cigarette:                                                                                                       lung function improves up to 30 percent                                                                               (do I really have to explain this one?)

After 1 year without a cigarette:                                                                                                              You cut your risk of heart disease in half                                                                    (cigarette smoking is the leading cause of heart and cardiovascular                                          disease, heart attacks and stroke)

After 5 years without a cigarette:                                                                                                           risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder are cut in half.                          risk of stroke is that of a non-smoker

After 10 years without a cigarette:                                                                                                         risk of lung cancer is cut in half

After 15 years without a cigarette:                                                                                                          risk of  heart disease is the same as a non-smoker

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