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Smoking: A Slow Killer

Posted Oct 17 2012 2:48am
Smoking is an addiction which is claiming millions of life all over the world, but smokers fail to realize the smoking has on our body and life.

Addiction to smoking reduces the blood circulation, stiffens arteries, damage blood vessels, leading to heart diseases.

Addiction to smoking raises our blood sugar levels, cholesterol and insulin resistance and leads Smoking addictionto diabetes, and the dreaded diabetes triggers complications like nerve damage, kidney related problems and diabetic retinopathy.

Addiction to smoking can also lead to impotence in men and can cause miscarriage in women.

It is imperative to note that your addiction to smoking has an impact on your near and dear ones like your children, wife and family, as heart is extra sensitive to the toxins and passive smokers are bound to be affected.

It may be noted whether active or passive smoker, it is advisable to get regular medical checks done for major organs like lungs, heart and kidney so as to avoid medical complications at a later stage.

It is never too late to quit the addiction of smoking, as quitting will help you lower the risk of heart attack, and your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure will be in control and you will have a healthy body and a calm mind.

Addiction to smoking, though initially it is hard to quit, but if you are inclined to have a healthy body and are concerned for the health of your family and children, it is not an impossible task.

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