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Smiles and Laughter

Posted Jan 09 2010 10:33pm

No jewel in the world can match the radiance of joy reflected in a  happy smiling face.

Let your smiles and laughter be only a means of merriment, joy and happiness.  It must never be used as a device to humiliate or ridicule others. That would be selfish and mean. Neither must your smiles and laughter be a means to conceal your shyness or nervousness. That would be stupid. Smile and Laughter are indeed good for the mind, body, heart and soul.

You can not think negative thoughts for long, while you are smiling or laughing.

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. When you are faced with worries and problems, laughter can provide you with the necessary relaxation and diversion you would need at the time, to regroup your mental and physical resources.

A Smile is infectious and so is laughter. We feel happier, relaxed and free of tension when we smile or laugh.

There is a lot of wisdom in the following words :-

“Laugh it off and sleep over it”

“Smile and it will wash the wrinkles away”

Try it! It is not always easy to smile in the face of adversity, but it can be done. The real benefits will be seen if we can make smiling and laughing a habit.

In todays day and age a much needed habit !

Now its your turn. Have You made smiling and laughing a habit. in your everyday life?

If yes, Yay and Joy to YOU!

If no, then no time like the present to start right….SMILE :)

with love Zeenat

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