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small red bump under the skin.

Posted by JoanneN

I noticed a small red hard lump under the skin on my elbow.  right on the tip of it.  It only hurts if I hit it or push on it.  Now I also have one on my back  just below my right shoulder.  Same thing really red small and just under the skin.  Like a ball.  What could it be?
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More likely than not, the smll red hard lump on your elbow is unrelated to the one on your back.  Possibilities include sebaceous cysts & lipomas.  I doubt that you have an abscess which is typically described as painful the whole time until it's lanced and the contents are released.  Or you might be describing an inflamed bursal sac or bursitis in your elbow but there's no correlate in your shoulder blade.  I suppose a basal cell lesion could present this way on your back but not likely at your elbow.  Best to go see your family doc!  Good luck!
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