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Small Changes Add up to Big Results for Health and Fitness Goals

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:31pm
By implementing a few new habits you will garner results in a big way for the long term.

Small things that make a big difference:
• Drink warm water with Lemon Juice every morning
• Drink Ice Cold Water throughout the day
• Eat more Lean, High Quality Protein 
   (Like Seafood and Omega-3 Eggs)
• Drink Green Tea
• Walk at least 30 Minutes Everyday
• Do strength Training Exercises at least 3 times per week

These are habits that most anyone can add to their repertoire.

Oftentimes we look at the larger picture of what we are setting out to accomplish and suddenly feel overwhelmed by the enormity of actions called into play to achieve the sought after result.

By starting with small changes, though, we can work through the initial onslaught of procrastination and start down that road to change. When it comes to your health, yes, even the small steps are heavily weighted with successful favor.

It all counts, it all adds up, and every step you take is important. Instead of berating yourself for not running a marathon, give yourself some kudos for walking 30 minutes and keep it up!

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