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Slow Sunday - 20km long run

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
Save for a couple more weeknight sessions of speed and tempo runs, I'm done the bulk of my training for the Okanagan International Marathon and Half Marathon. Phew! It always feels good to get to this point - taper, here I come!

Today's run was pretty good. I was happy because one of my running partners from my last clinic came out to run with me so surprisingly the 20km went by pretty quickly. I remember when I wasn't even able to spit out a couple words while running, let alone carry on a proper conversation on the road. Today we just chatted and got all caught up with each other's lives.

We followed a well-known route of the Langley Running Room runners called The Pistol. It's called this because the route looks kind of like a pistol on the map - however, I think today's route was modified slightly because my 'pistol' looks like it has a pretty big handle!

Anyhow, because my pal was coming along, I didn't want to try and set any goals. Being that it is our last long run, I kind of just wanted to get out there and get 'er done at a comfortable pace. My last two long runs went great and I'm feeling pretty good about what I think I can do on race day. Here's the details:
  • Total distance: 21.09km
  • Total time: 2:35:58
  • Average pace: 7:23/km

So, this run was pretty much a repeat of our performance at the Scotiabank Half which was a fun and relaxed run for all of us. I'm hoping I can shave some time off for the OIM, but as always, I'm just happy to be out there and am still going to feel like a million bucks just by crossing the finish line!

I had to rush home after our run to shower and get changed so I could go help my friend and volunteer at a local cat shelter. Our kitty came from a place called CARES, which is a cat shelter and rescue. One of my friends volunteered there all summer and asked if I wanted to come volunteer as a 'Cat Cuddler'. I guess the cats get lonely there so they like to have people come give them some TLC. So, we headed out there and cuddled every little kitty we could get our paws on. This little guy - Ernest - was so affectionate...

The rest of the weekend I ran errands and got some things done around the house (including cleaning out our crazy spare bedroom that was practically stacked to the ceiling with baby clothes and toys donated by my sister). I even managed to get out shopping to buy some much needed new pants and a new bathing suit for our trip next weekend.

Las Vegas is an appropriate place to taper, isn't it?

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