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Slow-Moving Saturday

Posted Aug 24 2013 10:04am

Good morning!  Happy Saturday!

Days like today never happen often.  Days like today feel weird when they happen.  Days like today make me stress out just a tad.  Days like today are welcomed with open arms.  So, what is so special about a day like today?  I went to bed last night and did not set an alarm.  I have nothing planned.  I had no pressing issues that needed to be tended to.  I just went to sleep, turned my phone on silent, and woke up whenever my body wanted me to….which was 7:30am.  Still early, but that’s okay.

I’m not sure if I can exactly put my finger on why but, recently, I have been feeling tense and a little stressed out.  I have been mentally and physically exhausted and am looking forward to my upcoming time off from work.  It was so nice to know that I had nothing to wake up to, nothing to stress out about, and nothing to rush off to!  What a glorious way to start the weekend!

I even felt today was a great enough day to drink from my ‘Congratulations’ mug.

IMG_0555 o
“Congratulations on taking time to breathe!”

I had a small breakfast of a cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese and am still deciding what else I would like to eat.  I’m always so hungry in the morning!


One reason why I am able to relax and enjoy my Saturday has a lot to do with the fact that my mom is a true saint!  Yesterday, Lee worked all night and my dad was out of town so my mom and I figured it would be a good time to get together.  I called her after I was done with work and I was talking about my yard and she volunteered to come up and help me with the work.  I told her that wasn’t necessary but my mom absolutely loves doing yard work and was probably already gathering her yard tools before we even hung up the phone!  We worked hard and mowed the grass, weed-whacked (my mom is a pro), and weeded my flower beds.  I had planned on doing all of that this morning but, looking back now, I am so glad it was done yesterday!  My mom is a pretty amazing woman and I am thankful for her every day!


As much as I just want to lay on the couch for the entire day, I know there are some things that I should get done…and one of those things is laundry.  Have I ever told you how much I hate laundry?  I always said I would rather clean 1,000 bathrooms over doing laundry.  I mean…you separate, you wash, you dry, you hang to dry, you fold, you put away…it’s just such a process!!  Oh well!  I can’t complain… I have the entire day and, sometimes, you just can’t beat a day with no plans!

Enjoy your day!!

With much Love and Laughter,

Something to share: When is the last time you didn’t set an alarm or enjoyed a day with no plans?  Do you try to make regular time to relax and unwind?

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